I am expecting my first payment from AirBnb.


I have received the following email from Exchange4Free [reporting@exchange4free.co.za]:


Your Airbnb payout

Airbnb has a pending payout of ZAR XXX for you. To receive your payout via bank transfer, the South African Reserve Bank requires that you fill out a short reporting form.

Fill in the South African Reserve Bank electronic form for this year here: SIGN THE REPORTING MANDATE

Please call us on 010 500 7819 if you have any questions.



Email: reporting@exchange4free.co.za



Is this normal? Or is it a scam? The listed phone number is not a local number...


Feedback would be appreciated.

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Re: scam?

Emalahleni, South Africa
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I have been on Airbnb since Feb 2019 and never had to sign this form, I have hosted nearly 40 groups, receive payment like clockwork. 


 My sister, who recently joined, received the  email.  I have major concerns if a financial-type company ask you to click on a link.  It certainly does not look like a professional company's email!

Re: scam?

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I have been receiving money via Payoneer and PayPal for about 10 years and this week, for the first time, I received a notification from Exchange4Free to sign their form. Payoneer will not release my money unless I sign it! Standard Bank has no knowledge of these people! I'm not surprised since, while they have an office in Jhb, they are based in London. Somehow they have got themselves set up to appear to be representing the SA Reserve Bank. I'll bet they are receiving commission. The thing is that they have us by the short and curlies because they have formed partnerships with the likes of Payoneer and PayPal! NOT because of SA Exchange Control Regulations as far as I can see. So in my book it is a scam that has "legal" backing. 

Re: scam?

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Hi Penny 


Did you complete the form? I also received this. Does this mean we will have to do this for each person we host. Please advise me I am new to this. Thanks


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