Add Terrace / balcony/ outdoor space to listing checklist

Sydney, Australia
Level 1

As a host, but more often these days, a guest, it would be very useful if "Terrace/Balcony/Outdoor space" could be added to the checklist of features for a listing. This would save potential guests a great deal of time scrolling through listings trying to find a property with this feature. At the moment, it is left up to hosts to  include "terrace" in the listing title (if they offer this feature and wish to promote it), other times, it may be buried somewhere in the description or simply in a listing photo. I doubt if I'm the only airbnb user who appreciates offering or having the use of a terrace. Other accommodation platforms offer this as a checklist feature, so why I don't airbnb? 

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Re: Add Terrace / balcony/ outdoor space to listing checklist

Zagreb, Croatia
Level 10

@Patrick-And-Lee0  you are right, there is no such filter. There is also no filter for the bed size or kids-friendly listings. It seems to me (maybe I am wrong) Airbnb narrowed its search filters lately ... but at the same time added more amenities to the list. It doesn't make sense.

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