Anyone really understand how host and guest option selections affect search results ?

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Hi all, 


I'm thinking about how my host settings potentially impact how my listing turns up in search results.


To boil it down into simple terms :-


Host selects the options they offer in hopes of attracting guests that might be a good fit e.g. calendar availability, family options, amenities etc. 


Guest goes to book, and selects the options they'd like in the property they want to stay in e.g. dates, entire place, instant book, amenities etc. 


The Airbnb AI then magically matches the host parameters with the guest parameters,  and Voila !    A Reservation !


[Somewhere in there, one hopes the guest will read the House Rules, but I'm less and less optimistic about that as time goes on.]


HOWEVER    (and I use caps intentionally, as I think it's a very big "however")


Airbnb has its own business drivers, and puts its rather sizeable thumb on the balance, in order to skew the results towards its company objectives e.g. instant book, lower prices, preferential searches etc.    We also know that AI takes human behavior into account, by sending emails and measuring performance, but that, as they say, is a whole 'nother topic !. 


I am also aware that the programming and the options change continually, so one has to be on alert, to make sure one keeps ones settings up to date. 


Anyone else feel like search results are clear as mud ?  Except for the obvious skew towards Instant Book ?

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