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Lisbon, Portugal
Level 5

Is it just me, or the Airbnb app keeps having huge issues? Now, i can’t see guests profile or picture or even where they are from. Keeps saying that “data can’t be read because it is missing”... also, i am unable to see my reviews, because of the server or some other thing like that. The app is very important since i spend the majority of my time outside the house and i rely on it to be able to reach and be reachable to my guests, and also to be able to work inside of the same. Anyone else experiencing this? Thank you and sorry for the bad english... 🙂


best regards to all!

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Re: App issues

England, United Kingdom
Level 10

@José70 your English is great (and way better than my Portugese!).

The app is eternally glitchy but each bug gets sorted out within a couple of days.

Its not just you.

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