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I was wondering if any hosts have experience with allowing pets. My Airbnb is my home, we have three indoor/outdoor cats and three kids. Our typical guest is someone who is coming through from Oregon, Canada, Colorado, or Utah on a full day haul, and then leaving the next morning to go elsewhere.


I have never had an indoor dog, but because we disclose we have cats Airbnb has included us on the filter when guests search for "pets allowed", even though our listing clearly says pets aren't allowed. (Our cats are evil and hate other animals, so I just assumed most people would not want to bring a pet into our hostile environment.) However, in the past couple of months since Airbnb changed their filters I have received three requests from people with a dog, and I hate saying no because it makes it appear like either I don't have my listing listed correctly, or Airbnb is not well organized on their end. So when people ask I explain the situation and just offer to let the dog stay in the garage. One stayed with us when we offered our garage as a place to stay for the dog, but since it was very cold we allowed them to keep the dog in their room. They brought a crate and the dog was no problem. It made me wonder if rather than fighting Airbnb and trying to explain how they need to change their filter and encouraging requesting guests to do the same, if I should just give up and accept that this is possibly a new income stream and give it a go. The guests with the dog indicated they enjoyed the stay and gave it 5 stars, so maybe the hissy cats aren't as annoying as I would think. 


Because I completely lack experience hosting dogs, I am wondering what rules people that host pets have, and what people might perceive as too extreme, and what dog owners might find irritating. For instance, with the dog that stayed, our cats went berzerk hissing when the guests arrived (because that's what they do), but I could disclose that our cats hate dogs but the kids love them? I have wood floors upstairs so would prefer that the dog stay in the guest room in a crate - is that too extreme? Would people find that rude? I would also prefer no dogs on the bed, and definitiely no dogs unattended while guests go elsewhere. Also, since we have kids I am more of a fan of friendly dogs (i.e. prefer no biting, no barking, no jumping).


Do other hosts have additional rules? Would guests find these rules overbearring? Do people who host pets find that it deters other guests who don't want to stay somewhere that allows pets? Finally, do people charge a separate pet fee or pet deposit?



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Re: Considering allowing pets

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Everyone will tell you their pet is the best behaved, friendliest etc...just like childen no one is going to tell you they can be a bit of a handful! 


At a minimum you will have additional cleaning and wear and tear. You should reflect this in your pricing for anyone bringing a pet, and also increase your security deposit for anyone booking with a pet.


And then be prepared for those animals that just won't read and understand your house rules!

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