Hyderabad residential apartment bylaws

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Hyderabad residential apartment bylaws

Hey Guys,


I've been hosting for over an year now in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Lately, people (secretery, etc.) in my apartment complex have raised concerns about short term renting. They gathered support from other apartments owners and asked me to stop renting via AirBnb. I argued that renting of my apartment via AirBnb for short term is legally permitted by law. They were referring to apartment bylaws and say that it is now allowed by law. I've not reached out to a lawyer but would like to consult one very soon. Has anyone faced similar issues and how did you deal with them?

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Mumbai, India

Hi Vijay, I'm facing a similar problem. Was wondering how you dealt with it.

Hey Melwyn, 


I was not able to resolve the issue as this requires a lawyer to assist us and lead us into some legal proceedings. Please let me know if you or someone was able to resolve.

Hi Vijay, I do know a lawyer. Will consult him soon. Will keep you posted.

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Hello, have you found any solution to this problem of objection from society?

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