Many issues regarding resolution request debits (in the case where host pays the guest):
1) Because many hosts have more than one listing, resolution debits should apply to the PARTICULAR property it applies to, and follow that property's payout routing rules. Primary hosts might interact with a number of co-hosts. Why should I, as a co-host, get hit with the entire amount of a resolution debit for a property that I had nothing to do with, simply because it was the subsequent payout on the primary host's account? (That is, the payout immediately following a resolution debit).
It's then the primary host's responsibility to track down that payment, who it was debited from, reconcile the accounts manually such that the correct payout routing rules are in effect applied.

2) This becomes even more difficult because the transaction history of a resolution debit isn't associated with a particular reservation or listing in the ledger. We now need to audit our entire history, and doing so will be extremely time consuming because you literally can't search the transaction history for resolution requests. Note that I've given feedback previously for this to be an option, like an ability to filter the transaction history for resolution requests.

3) One additional problem the current process poses is that payout routing rules don't necessarily indicate a host/co-host situation. For example, we have managed rentals in which the property owner was one of the routing rules. Other listings, we manage as equal business partners, and not a host/co-host situation where the co-host is "serving" the primary host.

There are so many problems with Airbnb's current method of handling resolution accounting. Please fix this!! In a nutshell, proper accounting would dictate that payout routing rules and liability routing rules should be identical and associated with the specific property in question.

I understand are a few situations in which it makes sense for only the primary host to be debited/credited, and not co-hosts, but this brings about SOOOOO many more accounting issues, as you can see here.

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Re: Issues with Resolution Request Debits Accounting Process

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Here is the other tweet:


Please mob them! We need to get this fixed. Its been over 4 years since this post was created complaining. 

Re: Issues with Resolution Request Debits Accounting Process

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This is a big complaint by many hosts. Why is Airbnb not actively trying to resolve this as all payouts/refunds should follow the split payout method rules? This is such an elementary concept that creates massive accounting problems. Airbnb you need to do better than this. It is currently unacceptable. 

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Hi everyone,


I am an Airbnb Superhost that is managing 6 properties currently. I've been using the platform since 2017 and have been a Superhost since 2018. Some of the properties I have a split investment in and one I own 100%. For tax purposes we use different bank accounts to keep the accounting clean.


I just got off the phone with Airbnb on their Superhost Hotline with the same issue regarding resolution center payments and occupancy taxes. All we were told is the issue is "being worked on" as other hosts have complained about it as well. They didn't have a solution for us.


They just said that all resolution center payments and occupancy taxes will go to the default bank account. Even though we have multiple bank accounts linked to different accounts for some reason the taxes/resolution payments for all properties go to the default bank account.


But it appears to have been an issue since as far back as 2017 or event further based on the community posts I've been reading.


How is this issue not resolved by now? 


@Catherine-Powell Can we please get an update/response on this huge issue?

Re: Issues with Resolution Request Debits Accounting Process

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Doesn't seem like @Catherine-Powell cares to give an update. 🙂

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Hi @Mike911,

Thanks you sharing your experience here. My understanding is the team has been working to clarify this with you offline. Please let me know how I can further assist you.

Also, I want to thank everyone else for their additional feedback on this. As always, your input is appreciated and this will help us evolve the platform.



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