My guest is very sick.

Athens, Greece
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Hi everyone! 

I am hosting for more 2 years already (private room) and this is first time that I face this problem.  My guest is sick. He said that he got small flue when he just arrived. Therefore, he did not inform me about this in advance. Anyway! 

He is very sick! Fever, cough, snuffle. Today is the first day that I got a little fever also so I got flue also. I do understand that this is not his fault but still. 

When I got cold, I informed my guests in advance and given them an option to cancel the reservation with full refund. Because I do not want, anybody got sick because of me. Here is different situation. Guest is simply does not care. 

What I should do in this situation? I cannot just cancel the reservation and send him away. However, I do believe that it will be better or rent a flat in this scenario. 

What is your opinion about all this? We still have 3 days of reservation to go. 


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Re: My guest is very sick.

Florence, Canada
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Sounds like you are already sick with his 'flu, @Alex119. I would let him stay since, as you say, you do not want to rent to someone else and make them sick. Perhaps the two of you can tough out the three days together, and then clean everything very, very well before your next guests? 

It certainly is unpleasant, but if you kick him out he will infect someplace else, and you are already infected. You can decide whether it is something for the review. I wouldn't mention it, since this sickness will not affect a future host, but it is up to you. 

Get well soon!

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