Bol, Croatia
Level 2

I have New P40pro huawei and app is not working, can you help me. Tx 

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Bristol, United Kingdom
Level 10

Try uninstalling and reinstalling @Zorana12 

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Online Community Manager in
London, United Kingdom
Online Community Manager

Hiya @Zorana12 ,


Could you share more about how it is not working? Does it hang on load up? What precisely is the issue you are facing?



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Re: Problem

Pula, Croatia
Level 1

Hi @Zorana12

Did you manage to find a solution?

I have the same problem. 

The app isn't supported by this line of Huawei but my shortcut installed through Petel stopped working as well. I am not able to open the Menu section (messages, etc)


Please your feedback, maybe @Stephanie

Re: Problem

Espoo, Finland
Level 2

I am having the same problem. Even installd DUAL SPACE which allows you to still use google play - all apps work but airbnb gets stucked.

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