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We are new to the hosting side altough have staied at several places in several different countries.


We have an instant booking from a guest who looks a bit weird in his photo,  has only one review in 3 years, which is positive and as a guest, but we are still not sure we are comfortable having him in our place.


Can anyone suggest something?  shall we restrain is we are not 100% sure?


Many thanks!

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Re: Strange looking potential guest

West Moonah, Australia
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I agree with the comments here.... sometimes people's photos can be a bit odd or non-existent, but this doesnt always reflect the type of guest they will be.  If you arent sure about the person booking, ask questions and converse with them further to find out more about them and their travel plans.  Its a lucky dip with guests, regrdless of their profile pic.  My only suggestion is to ensure that their identity has been verified, that at least gives you some reassurance that the person is who they say they are.

Re: Strange looking potential guest

London, United Kingdom
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Thanks all for the advice, very useful. 

Re: Strange looking potential guest

Elyria, OH
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The stupid profile photo should be done away with as it is usless, and meaningless. I mean if there is no requirement (ie why dont they use the government id pic?) the whole pretend use of the photo and all that horse crap about transparency and honesty and trust is pure meaningless drivel.

I mean they let people who are no shows rate and comment on a home they have never set foot in.What a load of crap.


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