What are your tips for a simple hosting routine?

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London, United Kingdom

What are your tips for a simple hosting routine?

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Hey there,


I know life can be really busy, and we often hear in the Community Center that you are having to juggle many things at the same time. This is often where having a handy hosting routine can be a great help!


We’ve had many great conversations about what you do to make hosting easier and more time efficient. I thought it would be great to bundle a few together, as there are some amazing tips:  Here are a few highlights:


Managing your time during peak season / What’s on your Pre-Check-in check list? / Message templates


  • @Alexandra316  mentioned that during busy seasons she has “a really great cleaner who takes care of cleaning when [she is] not able to, and found a laundry service to take care of sheets and towels.”  
  • @Ioannis21 said “Although we are new hosts we try to automate things as much as  possible...We have created message templates for almost everything and we have saved them in the messaging system . This saves time and shows an organised host. We update them regularly... "


There are a variety of methods that can help you to host, including many time saving tools or devices. From setting up saved message templates to potentially spreading the load with a co-host or even hiring a cleaner. Different things work for different hosts.


Do any of these sound familiar to you? Have you managed to get into a good hosting routine and if so what methods have you found the most useful? 


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. 




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Houston, TX

I am thinking of renting my home on airbnb. I don't have a lot of clutter, and am curious how much do you have to remove from your home?  Armoires with extra dishes and candles... can that stay?  Does every drawer have to be cleaned out, closet etc ...

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Cibolo, TX

I have 3 Bed and Voucher rooms, the voucher can be used next door we have a food hall that has 6 restaurants, coffee shop and a brewery.  My question is do I need to establish a

web page or just post directly to Airbnb?  Also do I need to get my own cc accounts set up for payment?

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Munnsville, NY

Good stuff, My wife and I keep paper day planners on each space, its instant verification of important basic details and isnt dependent on a battery or AC Power and you can use it while your on the phone with a confused and sometimes anxious guest.  I also find the prepared messages to be a huge help and responding immediately whenever possible the best way to keep folks advised and make sure I don't miss anything.  Their stays are short, so is their attention span if you deal with issues immediately.  One warning, if your doing so on a phone, watch auto-correct, it can mess your day up bad!  Ha ha, Safe Travels and Stays, JR


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Marbella, Spain

Instead of writing down a bunch of rules, procedures, or "how to" instructions, I make videos using web graphics (visme, canva, mojo, etc) or just film myself showing how to do something (open the lock box, open and close the glass curtains, get out of the garage, etc).

If I get the same question or problem several times, I make a video about it.

Then send a link to the person at the appropriate time.  For example,  when they are in the airplane I send the web graphic reminding them of instructions to do on landing



.Example of web graphic instructionsExample of web graphic instructions

This is a lot of work and very time consuming but more effective than counting on guests to read documentation, which most don't.

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Athens, Greece

Stephanie, thanks for this post.


Hi! guys,

Love reading about tips...There is always something new to find out.


In my iphone notes I have a list that I always check before guests arrive....


It is so easy to forget things as you are cleaning up and preparing the property. I keep a list of things to-do  in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, verandas etc. and go through the check-list again and again.   It really puts my mind at ease being able to look back at the completed list and know for sure everything was done.


Every little detail counts....


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Florida, United States

Save time with a co-host!  FlatBnB is a co-hosting service that manages your Airbnb listing so you don't have to worry about logging in ever again.  You will receive a fully SEO-Optimized listing with professionally edited photos, dynamic pricing to maximize your occupancy and revenue, and they'll handle all guest inquiries and reservations.  You simply receive the info for each booking via email and coordinate your housekeeping.  It saves you tons of time!  The best part, they offer all of this for an industry-low flat rate of $9 per night booked!  No commissions!  Find them online by searching FlatBnB and submit your info for a free no-obligation performance projection.

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Canary Islands, Spain

Of all the helpful hints - having cleaning supplies available for the guests to use if they want, free coffee & water taps you can drink healthy from for free have been the most successful. Our island, Gran Canaria, Spain, suffers from severe lack of water and sanitation education, enforcement and engineering.  Health and access to clean water varies by household and it is super sad being that we are between the 5th and 9th largest city in Spain counting tourists or not.  Yes, that is Spain.  What is supposed to be a 1st world country.  What happens when government privatises monopoly infrastructure delivery systems (water, power, sanitation). Airbnb guests and Airbnb have helped us to pay for the required upgrades and reforms to bring our home into the 21st century on an early  20th century frame and even to expand to our neighborhood to help in at minimum painting and further.  Thank you.  We are happy to live here in the sun and Airbnb is providing for an income far above our neighborhoods average.  Which gives us a chance to give back to.  Happy guests mean happy wallet and chance to grow and live in a beautiful place, help ourselves and our neighbors.  So yes, highly recommend free clean water on tap, cleaning supplies available and free coffee (we use instant coffee to mix in our clean water 🙂 ) .  Happy hosting 

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Bali, Indonesia

Never forget to be polite,


Never out stake a welcome,


Be humble so you can learn 


Accept your mistake, so you can change or fix it


try to be better every day consistently


work Synergies with your team 


Be a proactive


Be precise and  at the spot, not to much, not to less.. but just right


protect your investment, and also your guest


your First impression determine the turn of event your guest going to experience with in their stay..


neat, hygiene and simplicity always beats most expensive stuff


Be sincere, you feel less disappointed


Jeffrey Bong
Level 10
Bali, Indonesia

I always try to walk around the area, listen to the surrounding, and smell around the villa.. making sure the plants are watered, and the fish are feed.. it's consistency usually give the soul to the villa .. 


I also try to have a system for cleaning.. so cleaning can be more faster and cleaner.. since my villa is a natural concept of a villa it does require a constant cleaning from the leave and plantation that is falling from the plantation..


It have been a I while take care my villa on my own.. the more you try to make it better on your own, and improve the system daily, makes it easier you train people that will appointed to help you and also increase the speed of the require time to complete it.. in Indonesia, Bali a professional cleaner always make a good impression at the beginning but made regression toward the quality of the work all the time.. so a good understanding and a mature system of cleaning that if comprehensive is a crucial factor for a responsible effective and efficient cleaning.. In my country a professional need to be train and shape toward a level where is suited your guest expectation.


is just a common thing in any business you need to attend most time, to help them feel appreciated, so they can perform admirably on they assign task..


a surprise for the guest.. such as some thing that is not on the page, some thing that is out of ordinary, but not to fast (at the beginning, before payment is send) but right as the perfect moment present them self that is perfect for your guest interest.. usually I spare 5% of my income to surprise the guest with complimentary.. It is a sign of gratitude but also to perform beyond their expectation. it is not written on the page but it is always written in the review..

the surprise does not have to be every day.. just enough to steal a single moment of their breath away.. it helps me to increase their lever of satisfaction on their experience staying with us, so you don't have to ask for a 5 star rating.. just an honest one should do, and when is done properly a 5 star will happen 98%..

but be careful for guest that is asking more and more of this complimentary (this is why I rather do it at the end of their stay), a discipline on the spending is crucial.. also your communication should help you determine the best type of surprise complimentary that sill be executed to increase their experience when staying in your place.. 

I like to think, as a combination between home hosting and an experience hosting, but located inside your house..


A welcome presentation of the guest is one of the most important factor of hosting.. your first appearance always play a major effect towards your guest journey.. you can let the guest know about your personality, but also know the guest expectation toward your place..


A send off at check out also has a great value of impression toward the guest..


We usually send a free transport to their next destination, for security purposes..


We try to adjust with in 5% of my total income for all  complimentary with in their stay at our place.. I thought It would be a better choice than a box of encyclopedia about Bali..  is not much but, most of the time it give a good balance between the human limitation that leads to an honest mistake rather than a must on perfect service.. 


try to focus, know when is time to move back, but also aware when the guest wants us to come in presenting our self.. different people has different way of handling.. when is needed attend.. it really help to comfort of the guest to stay with in the premises.. but as a human you can only assume so much, so remind the guest to communicate any thing that can help you to adapt with in their stay..


is different for every one.. but this is pretty much how I try my best.. Even though my physical endurance cost by certain disadvantage some times, it does takes my energy level to the bottom, a good back up would be a good idea.. but the harder the experience you over come,  the better your skill will grow..

Problem always help me to study more deeper expertise, and I get smarter only by playing with smarter people..


well if we try our best.. it will always definably paid out eventually..


"if you know your self and know the enemy, you will not need to fear the result of a thousand battle"

- Suntzu-


even if you fail, you learn some thing.. 


good luck you all 


Sincerely, -MANASUI- 



Jeffrey Bong
Level 2
Ksamil, Albania

Welcome my apartaments skrapalli ksamil, with respect family skrapalli 

Level 2
Stockholm, Sweden

Hi @Stephanie this is a great question and so important.  A successful business has strong systems and structures.  Whether you treat hosting as a hobby, pleasure, or business (or all three) having tested systems and structures are essential to ensuring guests have a great experience.  As an experienced short-term rental property manager I have found that creating systems and structures that focus on the guest experience lead to positive reviews and repeat bookings.  (Incidentally, I think one of the reasons Airbnb is the leader in the short-term rental industry is because of the review-system that has been established for guests and hosts - thank you Airbnb!) I use automated messages during several phases of the guest experience including upon confirmed booking, the day before check in, one day after checkin, one day before checkout, and one day after check out.  This encourages more communication from guests (and more work for me) but it also leads to greater experiences and increased opportunities for me to fix guest concerns and ensure a great stay. 
I also use a professional cleaning company for all of my properties and confirm their attendance the moment a new booking is received so the property is professionally cleaned the moment the guest checks out, and thus ready within hours for another booking.
I have other systems and structures in place and happy to assist anyone that is new to short-term hosting.  It is a lot of fun!  

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Accra, Ghana

Having hosted over 200 guests, I have gradually gotten myself to use the templates a lot. I use them for everything basically. This could be sending check-in instructions at the time of booking, or a recommendation list that has already been prepared. I have a template to check on a guest when they arrive, a template to thank them at the end of a stay. 


All of these may sound impersonal when you read it, but as long as you minorly tweak each template into something more personal (maybe based on a conversation, etc) an average guest really appreciates the communication. 


Another tool I have started using fairly recently is the price tips. Although I do have smart pricing, when the available dates come closer, I set my price to match the price tips as Airbnb says there is a 4X chance your property gets booked. Not sure about the 4X, but it surely helps. 


As a Superhost for over a year now, I am more than happy to answer any questions anyone may have. 

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Little Rock, AR

Thanks  for the tips! I do have a question. I am very new to Air BNB and was wondering why if I get on Air Bnb site without logging in, put in a date and ask the site what’s available for that date,  my property doesn’t show on the map. 

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New York, NY

My brother and I are new hosts . I live outside of the country where our property is.  I am the co-host, mostly in charge of managing communications via Airbnb. I created a WhatsApp group for our first client. That way both my brother and I are aware of what our client needs and are always available to communicate via the group. 

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England, United Kingdom

Hi everyone,


As a guest I find the host place and location recommendations hugely helpful. Often I stay in cities I’m not familiar with and really value the advice of the hosts for bars, restaurants, event locations etc. I’ve come across a new app called Rollo (often downloaded from the App Store as ‘Rollo Places’ depending on where you live). Here you can post your place recommendations and anyone can find and follow you to see your posts and locate each on a map. I’d love it if every host used the app so I don’t have to keep reading long word docs and look each location up on a map!


Happy hosting!

Level 10
Canary Islands, Spain

Hi @Stephanie 


The first thing I do when a guest books is to send my location map and how to get from the airport to the apartment with enclosed info:


timetable busses and price for the bus ticket and where to get off the bus

affordable car rental companies at the airport 

Taxi price towards my home


I ask them when they will be arriving at my place 


at the end of the message I mention that I offer them assistance regarding their stay so they'll not hesitate to contact me.  






Level 2
Toulouse, France

je viens de lire quelques remarques des uns et des autres mais cela ne m'aide pas beaucoup car je ne pourrais pas me servir d'une telle application, c'est trop compliqué pour moi qui travaille avec une synthèse vocale (je suis handicapée visuelle) tant pis je vais m'y prendre autrement, car jusqu'à maintenant je faisais avec ma voisine qui ne travaille pas (en fait, si elle élève ses 4 enfants) mais elle n'est pas souvent à l'heure mais elle est efficace. Je suis découragée, car j'ai beau me mettre en 4, il y en a toujours qui critiquent ; je pense que je vais accepter moins de personnes et prendre le temps de ré-organiser mes visites. a bientôt à tous chantal de toulouse (france)

Level 5
Ochre Beach, Canada

I second the Properly app.  We used this with out last ABNB and found it great to be able to take pictures to visually show our cleaner how everything is to be set up.  It was also helpful for myself making the list instead of just remembering how I like it, I could actually see it. Helped me not forget things to tell the cleaner.  Loved my Lockstate smart lock too... it automatically sent a code to my guests that worked only for certain times.   Made the check in process nice and smooth.

Level 2
Clare, Ireland

While we haven't used it yet, I would recommend the Properly App. It's like a photo checklist for cleaners or someone who is getting the house prepared for you. 

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