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HI, this story could be made into a book.. I want to focus on a few small details. I got a message fro AirBNB at 4am that I had to leave ASAP.not argument from my side I said I had to pack my bags and I’ll leave.but he time I had everything packed and I f... Latest reply by Bes175
My house and the Airbnb apartment are adjoining. The walls of my house are thick stone so I cannot provide a reliable Wi-Fi in the Airbnb from my own router, the walls are too thick. I also cannot use an extender from my router because the Airbnb apartmen... Latest reply by Gillian166
We have a couple TVs with HDMI connectors and are trying to figure out the best option for guests.As most people have their own streaming accounts we thought we’d include in the note to guests before their stay, that they might want to bring their own dev... Latest reply by Gillian166
I had someone give a bad review because there were “ water stains” inside the keurig coffee machine. They did not write this in the public review but sent it privately. In the public review they just wrote that the place should be cleaner. Now I am worrie... Latest reply by Gillian166
Hello everyone! Most guests don't come to your home to sit inside all day long, though this, of course, depends on what kind of stay you're offering. Having said that, some people still like to make themselves comfortable in the evening or seek relax... Latest reply by Barb3178
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We currently have 2 houses; each are 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom. Both are located in Palm Harbor Florida. One is 1200 sqft and the other is 1500 sqft, so we really are not set up to comfortably host more than 6 guest per house. We currently have a nice qu... Latest reply by Helen744
I'm wondering if anyone can help with this. I recently had a new bathroom installed with gold plated fittings (shower, taps etc.). You are not supposed to use standard cleaning products on these as they can damage and strip the gold finish. Instead, you u... Latest reply by Camilla286
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I am preparing to list my second property on AirBNB. It is a whole house listing; however, there will be areas where guests are not permitted. These areas will be clearly disclosed (Garage and my personal bedroom) and these spaces will be locked with sign... Latest reply by Sudsrung0