A guest left a few things at my home.

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A guest left a few things at my home.

A guest left a mug and an insolated water bottle.  How do I contact him to know if he wants them sent somewhere.  I have not figured out how to ask questions of airbnb.  This is simple, but when I say I want help, all I get is articles that do not answer my questions.  I don't know how to contact a guest once he has left.

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@Jane3782   On a computer, from your dashboard, Reservations, click on the All Reservations link.  Then you can change to the Completed Reservations tab to see a list of your recent guests.  Find the guest that you need to contact and click on the Details box.  Scroll down to the guest profile section and you can see their phone number (it's tiny text) or message them through the AirBnB system.

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You can contact the guest the same way you contacted the guest when they booked, Thats assuming you did contact them,

You seriously need to sit down and learn how the platform works, Sorry but thats basic stuff

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@Jane3782  i think you will need someone to run through a few things for you and with you. on the booking you recieve the guests phone number. Use it is nothing else and while your guests are staying ask for a contact number in case 'anything arises or you need to contact them or they you '?  then if something is left behind let the guest know that it will be left in the letterbox for them to pick up for 24 hours or if they need it sent then a small fee for postage may be sent through the dashboard and ask for an addess. if its expensive or they want it they will respond , but Jane please get more familar with your dashboard . It can do all these things for you. Cheers   H

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@Jane3782   What I tend to do if a guests leaves some items is message them through the Airbnb booking, just like I would do if I was messaging any details pre arrival of the guest.


If you just go into your inbox, you should be able to see the guests name and send them a message.


They might not reply but at least you have done your bit, by letting them know.

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