Best way to go about messaging our guests individual door codes?

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Best way to go about messaging our guests individual door codes?

Hey everyone! My name is Kelsey and I am a new host here on airbnb in the lovely city of Lanesboro, MN! 

Everything has been going pretty smooth so far - one question I have: I have a keypad on the door to get into the apartment. I am planning on setting individualized codes for every guest (I know there is a smart lock option that seems to be a possible route in the future but not right now)


What is the best way to go about messaging our guests that individual code? Is there a way for me to set a reminder through the air bnb app to notify me to remember to send the new code for the guest? I can always set this up on my iphone reminders too so if there's not I can go that route! It would just be nice to have it through the app (: 


I know there's automatic messages but there doesn't seem to be an option for setting up an automatic message to just a specific guest. 



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Hi, only way to do this is via Airbnb messaging app and use your phone to remind you on the day and time to message. An electronic lock that connects with the Airbnb booking and messaging system is the way to go. Use phone reminders or your calendar to remind you manually

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A few days before a guest's check in date, I send them a message with the important info like detailed check in instructions, their personalized code, parking directions, how to contact me, etc. I don't need to set any reminders because I open my Airbnb calendar every single day (multiple times a day.) So when I "revisit" an upcoming reservation to prepare for that stay, I easily send the message using a saved template.