Bookings Way Down in 2023

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Bookings Way Down in 2023

My bookings are way down this year. I’ve been a superhost for years and my bookings have steadily increased year over year, but not in 2023. I’m down about 30%. I have a few theories: traveling is normalizing post-pandemic and people are going back to hotels, too many short term rentals on the market, airbnb is too expensive. Meanwhile, the costs to run the airbnb keeps going up. I’m wondering if others are experiencing a similar situation and finding ways to combat it? 

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You may want to consider reading the thread by @Michele511 whose title is almost the same low bookings in 2023.

We got the Airbnb community manager @Rebecca to have eyes on that thread and to pass it to the appropriate team for feedback (they have not heard back yet; and the community manager is a support person who flags posts and submits links for helpful articles but does not address the issues directly as that is not their role, their role is to moderate the boards here and pass the relevant threads to the right teams).


It is concerning for all, and disappointing that Airbnb has not addressed it in a message to the hosts. I’ve heard of many hosts leaving this platform, going to others or considering or selling off some STR listings. 

I’m in my first slow season so I book out 2-3 weeks instead of 3-4 months like in the summer (I started in June and it’s been fun to meet and host guests to the area while helping to pay for our son’s preschool and daycare costs). I do check other listings and see how to improve, what makes me different, pricing of things (I had no idea a Taylor swift concert in the area skyrocketed nights to $400/night so my $119/night during the summer was a steal to the guest even with dynamic pricing on; of course this was before I learned about price labs and airDNA for more data).


Hopefully @Rebecca can pass this thread to the same team and encourage management to address this as hosts and super hosts have been frustrated and exasperated by no response and a severe decline in bookings. 

Sorry the thread I was mentioning above is titled: Suddenly no bookings 2024 started by @Michele511 

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Thanks for tagging me in @Lorina14 😊 I hope you're well. 
I'll share this thread one also. 



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