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Customer service

Does anyone have a solution for the endless passing off of problems.  Supervisor after supervisor closes a case when it is not resolved or say they will be back in touch and never are.  I am on about my tenth supervisor over going on three weeks and have yet to be able to get to any live person who can resolve and/or get back with me.  Reaching out on X and FB and get assured of a callback which never happens.  I have emailed investor relations as its the only email I could find and no reply.  I am a superhost who had a horrific stay and paid almost $3,000 USD a night for a week stay and cannot get anywhere.  HELP!

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Hello @Kristin1768I am so sorry about this. I can imagine how frustrating it can be.


Has this been resolved since you posted here?


Keep us posted.





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I've been having the same problem. I had a problem guest and after a week he got increasingly more belligerent and refused to follow my rules which risked property damage until I had to call the Sheriff. I think I called customer service 20 times and they promised me a supervisor would call at least 3 x.  Finally I got someone and the reservation was cancelled and they left. I didn't give them a good recommendation. I just noticed all my listings are now suspended and no one will tell me why. I've called and messaged and I get a promise someone will contact me to explain why Airbnb suspended my listings and then I get the infuriating message the have terminated my query because it is being handled by another thread.  Earlier I was told to read the safety section of Airbnb requirements which I did and I have no idea how they apply or relate to the matter. I am really curious as to how me, a 73 YO woman, is a physical threat to a 30 something male supposed athlete. 

So so sorry for your troubles and I can say I feel your pain.  The endless closing and being passed around is so frustrating.  I gave good constructive feedback on it today and encourage you to do the same when the time is right.  In the meantime, my suggestion is to keep messaging ALL the time and ask for a supervisor.  If you have social media you can try them on faceebook or twitter.  I wish you the best!


Hey @Paula  (and @Norma-And-Patrick0).  I finally got somewhere!  It took an email to investor relations to get to a supervisor of supervisors who finally called me so we could discuss everything.  While I am disappointed in some policies that quite frankly tied the hands of what the supervisor can do, he did actually listen, seemed like he cared and also askeed m to be sure to submit feedback via the link he sent (which I did).  My suggestions included if things escalate to a supervisor that they stay with that supervisor until case is agreed upon by both to be closed.  Metrics should not be in place for agents or supervisors to close cases.  It simply encourages the wrong behavior.  I also suggested hosts be held accountable (as guests are in the case of damage) when stays are not to the standards set by Airbnb.  In our case, we had a horrific stay of many small problems every single day and night that all added up to a less than stellar stay and a host who walked away with over $20,000 and not willing to offer any compensation when every problem was documented.  Air BnB cannot make here offer compensation.  The only way to affect the situation is to write a bad review....which I did and that may and will help future renters, but in our case, we had a less-than-memorable vacation.  We all need to offer suggestions for improvement and not back down when things just are not right.  In my case I didn't get any money back which I still feel strongly I was owed, but hopefully, my time and efforts help future hosts and guests.  I will NEVER treat my guests how I  was treated.  I love being a superhost and take great pride in each and every stay being awesome for my guests!