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Get review link

Hey guys,


When it comes to getting reviews, it can be hit or miss with guests. Often in my listing, I find that newer guests who have not been on Airbnb for a long time are less inclined to leave a review. I usually wait a week and then send them a kind reminder to leave one. I usually get an apologetic reply back, that unfortunately the review period has expired and they cannot do anything.


I'm wondering if I anyone knows if I can get the link that goes straight into the review page somewhere? I want to make it as easy as possible for them.


As a side note - I really wish it was possible for Airbnb to extend the review period, either by special request (I've tried contacting support), or by manual intervention. Currently it is 14 days. It's a shame that a guest can't leave a review if they are 1-2 days late. Who's with me on this!?

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Community Manager
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Hello @Tariq52 👋

Thank you so much for bringing this topic to our community!


I’m tagging a few of our experienced Hosts to see if they know how to get a link that goes straight to the review page: @Bettye6@Debra300@Patricia2526 @Joan2709 and @Joelle43.


Additionally, I’d like to share the feedback form where you can suggest changes to the review period directly to the Airbnb team.





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