Guest who won’t take no for an answer

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Guest who won’t take no for an answer

I have a guest with a confirmed reservation who will not take no for an answer to docking her boat at our dock. There is very little room to get by the neighbors boat and then we are worried they’d be over the property line. The last thing we want to do is upset the neighbors who live there year round.
The guest went to the property, had to go through our gate to get to the back and see the dock, and messaged us saying they think there is room. This is after us giving several alternative options and saying we understand if they need to cancel their reservation due to not being able to bring their boat. It is still within the cancellation window to get their money back and from the beginning we have said we didn’t think it would be possible. How would you deal with this?

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I agree with your handling.  The only issue that probably will happen, is

guest doesn't cancel and  brings the boat.    If the guest is that insistant then it will probably happen.

You obviously   need to update your add  to  say the dock i unreentable or special approved circumstances.

For this guest what I  do when I think a guest is just trying to take advantage of my holes,  make it complicated.

Do not acknowledge your listing doesn't address no  boat docking.

State you are concerned about their boats safety because the neighbors might hit their boat.  People look at their decision closer when they will damage themselves.

Then I blame all sorts of things on   my insurance company,  guests argue less.  My STR insurance company does not protect for that large a value.  Don't say if the boat is brung say because the question was asked they require a notarized form that guest is assuming all liability for damages to or caused by their boat.  You can find all sorts of legal forms online.

It also does protect you.

These are great ideas. Thank you, Marie!

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@Katie1665  I'd call AirBnB and have them cancel the reservation with no penalty to you. the reason is the guest is asking for amenities not offered in the listing, AND they went to your property. This guest sounds like huge trouble. 

They went to your property? Did they have permission?? Regardless, if docking a boat is not included in your amenities, and they are insisting, even though you have offered other suggestions, there's no way I'd host these people. They sound like a potentially HUGE problem. I'd rather my place sit empty than host folks like this. Your decision. Good luck. 

@Katie1665. Hi Katie, yep guests will take a mile if you give them even an inch. In addition to the excellent advice below I'd suggest:

1. Remove pic 12 of the dock and replace with another over the water shot, maybe showing boundary wall and lawn but not dock. Let the guests be pleasantly suprised by the dock.

2. Tighten up the wording to say no docking but enjoy fishing. Make sure this is spelt out clearly in House Rules. Insurance is a good excuse to refuse if you do need one.

3. Get rid of these guests. Early on in my hosting I had in my description that there was "plenty of room to park the boat" (non waterfront) so of course they brought a huge fishing boat and proceeded to wash it down every day, churn up the lawn moving it around etc. Never mentioned they were bringing an actual boat and they were my only bad guests who went on to break many House Rules.


Do as @Kia272 suggests and get rid of them; they sound very entitled.