Guests not leaving

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Pretoria, South Africa

Guests not leaving

Can I pack my guests belongings and put it outside as they are long overdue their check out time, not in the room, not responding to any messages. 

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Presumably you've called their mobiles and not had a reply ? @Marthi9 


If you have other guests coming then I would photo/video the room as is, the pack up their luggage with -photo /video of packed belongings


messge them and say they need to arrange a time with you to collect. 

Hi @Marthi9, with hosts facing a situation where guests refuse to check out, it's important to handle the situation carefully and in accordance with Airbnb policies and local laws.


1. Attempt Further Communication: Make additional attempts to contact the guests through Airbnb's messaging system, phone calls, or emails. Document all these attempts as they will be important if the issue escalates.

2. Contact Airbnb Support: If the guests remain unresponsive, contact Airbnb customer support immediately. Explain the situation in detail and provide evidence of your attempts to communicate with the guests. Airbnb can then reach out to the guests and assist in resolving the situation.

3. Avoid Physical Removal of Belongings: Do not pack or move the guests' belongings without their permission.

4. Consider Involving Local Authorities: As a last resort, and based on legal advice, you might need to involve local authorities. This should be done only if the guests are violating local laws or Airbnb's terms of service, and after consulting with Airbnb. I really hope this helps! 

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Toronto, Canada

Hi @Marthi9 ! This sort of situation definitely a bit challenging. Did you happen to hear back from the guest since you posted a few days ago?


Do keep us posted if you've noticed Helen and Alicia's advise or taken any actions in the meantime.


It also seems a good idea to reach out Airbnb Customer Support team to report the situation with the guest.




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