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Host wants passport info - required?

Host wants passport info - required?

My host wants my passport number and said it’s required information. Is that true? Must I give my passport information?

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Port Moody, Canada

Hello @Brianna216 and Welcome to our Community Center,


As mentioned by Helen and Ana, this depends on the country you are traveling to. If you can share the destination with us, our members can provide a more precise suggestion.


In the meantime, I did a search in our Community and found this thread from a few years ago that includes hosts and guests sharing their experience on this topic from different parts of the world.



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Difficult to comment as you haven't said which country 😁


Many countries have a legal requirement to collect passport ID from guests .


information should be on your foreign office guidance for US travellers. 

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Santa Ana, CA

@Brianna216 , depending where you’re traveling. A number of countries in Europe require this information and your host is simply following their countries guidelines. Or it may be the host house rules as some of us (hosts) do require some sort of valid government ID. Either way, you have the choice to either comply or look for other lodging/accommodation.







Thank you everyone! I finally noticed there was a drop-down menu that listed ‘drivers license’ as an option. Not sure why they didn’t point that out when I asked for clarification why they needed passport info.  Oh well, issue resolved. 😀

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@Brianna216 Which country are you travelling to?

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