How do you charge a guest to clean up after a dog?

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How do you charge a guest to clean up after a dog?

It is absolutely ridiculous Airbnb does not have an option for a pet cleaning fee.  You can charge for an extra human, but not a animal that leaves 10 pounds of fur behind and slobbered everywhere for 3 days.  Makes NO sense. 


I now have one cleaner, after each stay with a dog, dedicated to cleaning up dog hair and I am very close to not allowing dogs.   How do you charge a guest for the extra time and in my case, person, that has to clean up after the dog? 


Does anyone not allow dogs? 







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@Michael5778 I love all  animals, but Airbnb is not the platform on which to be a pet friendly host, so my listing is no pets. Funny how Airbnb push hosts to allow pets, but offer nothing in the way of support in return. Here is an interesting post on the subject of pets. Read through the comments. Great food for thought.

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I also don't allow pets of any kind. I also love animals but it does put extra work on myself, as a host who also cleans, and on the furnishings. Even a well behaved animal is just more wear and tear than I am willing to put up with. 



You are doing things incorrectly.


You should charge an X amount of dollars per pet and then pay your cleaners from that money.


Hope that helps!

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So it looks like Airbnb has revised the "Aircover" thing to cover pet damage. Before, the host guarantee did not cover pet damage. You can simply follow the instructions to submit an Aircover claim to get reimbursed. Basically first have a record of all evidence of the pet damage. Then you need to have some evidence for the loss amount -- detailed to each item either cleaning cost or replacement cost if damaged or beyond cleanable. Submit a "ask for money" request from the reservation and if guest does not respond or declines, you will have the option to involve Airbnb.

I asked Airbnb for a pet deposit that I could make a flat rate and refund any balance after charging for extra  cleaning or repairs .  They did not provide that anymore than the collect a real security deposit where we have the power to refund all or part.  Instead Air ASKS the guest to pay for damages which is ludicrous.  No hotel would consider doing it that way.

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As AirBnB has been braindead on this issue for over 2 years, I have been forced to put my pet policy in my “thank you for booking” welcome letter.

I charge $10/night per pet.


Air implements a clueless flat fee of $20 that doesn’t take the number of pets or the length of stay into consideration! 🙄


So I have to use the “request money” feature to correct the fee amount for every guest with pets! 😖


It’s just lame that Air can’t (or wont!) create a simple feature that enables guests to disclose the # of pets, multiples that times nights booked times a _host determined_ nightly rate.

This is not rocket science!

come ON AirBnB! Get it together!

Yes,when we travel with our pet we would like to have more Airbnb that pet friendly.We also would not mind to host guests with a small pet,however there is no option!As Andrew mentioned it could be a 100 pounds dog or 5 pounds one-there is a huge difference.There should be an option for pet size and also pet stay should be charged as human stay-by number of days.It is very strange that Airbnb does not see a huge opportunity to make MORE MONEY as soon as this problem is fixed,because we are sure a lot of hosts will allow pets and subsequently more people will happily book Airbnb and bring their beloved pets with an ease and peace of mind for everyone.

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Hay Valley, Australia

@Sergei--and--Larina0 wrote:

 As Andrew mentioned it could be a 100 pounds dog or 5 pounds one-there is a huge difference. 

hmm, I think it's a misconception that a large dog is more trouble. Little dogs generally sit on your furniture, large dogs don't. Little dogs (at many ages) still jump, scratch, chew and many small breeds are just plain neurotic. Large dogs are way more chill, and less likely to bark constantly. Where i live 5 of us in a row have dogs. the 2 houses with the small dogs can be heard constantly barking, I never hear a peep from the big dog homes. 

Certain breeds are more inclined to dig and run around, and this isn't related to size necessarily. eg, a jack russell terrier is WAY more annoying than my placid large Rhodesian Ridgeback. (no offence to JRTs, they are adorable, we love all dogs on our farm)

I have guests say all the time "it's only a small dog" and the first thing I imagine is that it will sleep on the bed with them, and sit on the sofas, and maybe chew the lamp cord.  So I wouldn't support charging by dog size at all. We could go further as well into psychology, if you research this you'll find data supporting this. Big dogs are less aggressive, less territorial, less barky, easier to train, less neurotic, less likely to pee inside, and there's even a study saying owners of large dogs are happier than owners of small dogs. I know which guests I prefer! 😁

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Sayulita, Mexico

@Gillian166  Totally agree. I  have always had large dogs and almost all of them have been quite calm. None of my dogs has chewed things up because I have always given them bones to chew on. Nor have any of them ever been allowed on beds or other furniture. And all of my dogs have spent most of their time outside, including sleeping outside at night. 


Whenever I have stayed somewhere with my dog, people usually say something to the effect of "Your dog is so chill. I'd hardly know she's here."


Can't stand the little yappers. Plus little dog people seem to think everything their "fur baby" does is adorable. Even jumping up on people. "Oh, he really likes you!"

Yeah, well he just got dirt all over my clean clothes.

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Hay Valley, Australia

@Sarah977 lol. the "fur baby" thing is especially true!


We have travelled with our animals, not because we needed to, but when we were moving interstate and had to find accomm that would allow us to have dogs and cats, and I've found the country places to be more understanding about animals in general, probably because country people all have medium-large dogs. 


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Tampere, Finland

I noticed guests are already able to set the count for pets on their booking since today (11.11.2021). But I'm not able to find where to set the fee for the animals as host? Can you help?

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Espoo, Finland

Hi Elina,


I have today also the possibility to set the pet fee, but only by stay and not by night.


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I'm looking for the same thing.  Posting here so I get a notice when an answer gomes through.  Good luck!


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Yes I think Airbnb have bugs with this new pet fee: I have found it and implemented it from my computer, from the website, not the app.

But when I look from my phone on the app, there is nowhere to see the pet fee and I received 3 bookings with a pet: nowhere is the pet fee to be seen neither in the bookings, while it should appears at the same place as the cleaning fee...

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London, United Kingdom

Hi there @Michael5778 


Just coming back to this one as I have some exciting and relevant news. We’re really pleased to share some details with you that were recently announced! In the coming weeks, Hosts will be able to add a Pet fee to their listing. 


We have been listening to Host feedback, just like yours, so please do let us know how you like the new service by sharing your thoughts here on the Community Center once it has launched. 


Thanks again,



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I have  few issues with the new pet fee.  First of all, AirBnb did not notify me that they were rolling this out, that it was automatically added to my listing.  Not only that, under pet fee in the listing it stated "Pets stay for free" ... WHAT?!?!?!? No, absolutely not.  Please inform hosts as soon as possible so that we can make the necessary edits.  My listings went for a week with guests booking and believing that there was no pet fee. 


Secondly, AirBnb has written right under the new pet fee, "Bringing an assistance animal?" which then leads to a screen stating that they do not have to tell me they are bringing an animal and that there will not be a charge for the animal.  Since this posted, the booking I got, the guests immediately state that they have a service animal and that there's a policy that there's no charge for a service animal.  Funny, I not once have had this issue previous to AirBnb feeding forward to potential guests that they can bring an animal, not tell me and I can't charge them.  I allow animals to stay with my guests, I do not discriminate, but I DO have to clean up after them and am charged extra for it by my cleaners.  So, now thanks to this new pet fee and the extra information AirBnb puts forward, I am now paying for guests to bring their animals.  This is NOT right!!!!   So many people are going to claim service animal and I'm going to pay the price.  I want to allow people to bring their pets on vacation. I like bringing my pets on vacation, so I extend the same curtesy to my guests, but I expect them to be responsible to bringing an animal to my property by paying for the clean-up. 

Please fix this, ASAP.

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Stephanie And AirBnB Management and programming staff:


Well, after dozens of requests, by scores of AirBnB hosts, you _finally_ implemented a Pet Fee on the guest registration form!


Unfortunately, you didn't do it correctly! 😞


The Pet Fee should allow the guest to disclose number of pets and calculate the fee based on that, and the number of days booked!


The Pet Fee recently implemented only allows for a single static dollar amount! That results in the guest being either under or overcharged and the host having to guess at how many pets and how long the average guest will stay when setting up the Pet Fee field!


Please correct this faux pas and implement a field, in the guest registration form, that asks:
"Are you bringing pets"
If yes
"How many"
"How many days would you like to book?"

Then the program calculates the Pet Fees based upon what the host has input on the listing that they would like to charge per pet per night.


I really don't get how this could be so obvious to me, and not have been anticipated by those creating the upgrade?

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What is perhaps more ridiculous is this new statement “if you are lucky enough to have more than 2 pets traveling with you, be sure to notify your host”


so… if people only have one or 2 pets, they need not say a thing to the host?


Incredibly ripe for abuse 

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Espoo, Finland

Hi Stephanie,


I have tried to add the pet fee today.

I have noticed that I can only charge pet fee per trip and not by day.


Could you please help me if I am doing something wrong, since when I did the tutorial on pet fees it showed me the possibility to add it on my daily price.


Thank you



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Sayulita, Mexico

@Rachel367  Yes, like the cleaning fee, it is a per stay fee, not a daily fee.

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Espoo, Finland

Thus I will not use this new feature.

As I charge now, as stated in my additional house rules, a daily fee, it would not be faire for a person staying 1 night having the same pricethan a guest staying for 7 nights.

As longer a pet stays as more dirt, hair etc. as to be cleaned and as more other accidents can happen.

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