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Winter Release: Your Questions Answered here

How to increase bookings during weekdays.

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Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

How to increase bookings during weekdays.



How many of you guys are going through what I am.


Since I've started, all the Fridays and Saturdays are getting booked. Almost 90 percent bookings are on Friday and Saturday. 



Does anyone have any tips on how I can increase booking during the weekdays.

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Swannanoa, NC

@Monsur2  We post a higher rate on the weekends and a lower rate on the weekdays 

(about a 10-15 dollar difference.  We also offered a 4 day discount, which got us some rentals from Wednesday to Sunday or Monday through Friday, filling our calendar.  It took some time, but we are happy with the results and now have people who will rent for a week or 10 days, even though we have removed the discount.

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Sierra Vista, AZ

Just a lower rate. I used to do this. I’m not doing it now because I offer weekly and monthly discount. I don’t want to offer a double discount. 

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Community Manager
Galashiels, United Kingdom

Hi @Monsur2 


How have bookings been since you posted here?


I thought I'd tag @Mike-And-Jane0 to see if, as a UK host, they can give any insight!





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England, United Kingdom

@Monsur2 Have you researched hotel costs during the week in your area. Make sure you compare their prices to your nightly rate plus service fee AND recognise that any VAT they charge will be claimable back if it is a guest working in the area.