How to recover from a bad review and boost bookings?

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How to recover from a bad review and boost bookings?

Hey fellow hosts, i have recently had a dip in bookings on my airbnb property after receiving a negative review. What strategies or tips do you recommend to improve my listing and attract more guests? 

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Hello @Ashish125, while fellow Hosts share their suggestions, I wanted to drop in and link a few threads which may be useful to you 😊



If you'd like to, you can ask for feedback on your listing from hosts. 

Check out this guide on how to: Ask for listing critique on the Community Center 🗒

Additionally, I'd recommend joining the Local Host Clubs to connect with fellow hosts local to your area. You can get advice, exchange tips and share insights on how bookings are going in your area 🏠


Hope these help!



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Hi  @Ashish125 


I can see you have what Airbnb sees as low ratings across your listings. I would suggest you go through the guest feedback to analyse the issues guests are complaining about so in your case cleanliness, accuracy, communications etc and see what you can do to address these issues.


One off guest comments may be unfair but you have quite a few guests complaining about issues and marking you down in the ratings so there is likely to be some merit in what they are saying.


So I would say address the issues that are leading to low ratings, make it clear on your listing how you have improved your listing and by leaving polite responses to guests who left you negative reviews.


Remember if you regularly get 4.6 or lower ratings Airbnb can suspend your account.



Recovering from a bad review and boosting bookings involves a strategic approach that focuses on addressing the review, improving your service, and enhancing your marketing efforts.  By addressing the negative review constructively and taking steps to improve your services, you can not only recover from the setback but also enhance your reputation and attract more bookings in the long term.