I want to send a PDF to a guest.

I want to send a PDF to a guest.

My rental is in a remote location to which Google maps gives incorrect information. I have a PDF with clear detailed instructions and pictures of landmarks on how to find the house from the airport.


There is no way to send this to the guest. I see there are several older conversations regarding this restriction. The restriction is pointless and inhibits hosts' ability to best serve our guests. 


We should be able to attach a PDF to an airbnb text message. It's 2024. Let's fix this.

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Hi @Anne13794 ! Thank you for sharing your thoughts about sending PDF files to guests.

Host @Sindy36 had also shared a similar question earlier, where an experienced Host in our Community @Guy991 shared an interesting work around in the meantime about sending images with instructions. I'll also invite @Guy991 to this thread, if there's any further recommendation that could be used in your specific situation🌻.



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Thank you @Bhumika 


hello @Anne13794 ,


For me, PDF is not the best option since most of my guests do not speak English as their first language, and I want to use the embedded translation in the Airbnb message system.

I am using the following practice to help with directions: I use one paper-sized image with numbered pictures and red arrow signs that describe the route (it looks like a comic book with pictures in frames). When taking the pictures, think as if a 10-year-old child will have to find it. Sometimes, guests arrive exhausted after a long flight, so the instructions really have to be simple, not to make it more confusing.

Then, add the description to the chat as text because then Airbnb will automatically translate it to any language that the guest is using. For example: In picture 1, there is a big tree and a path along the fence. Follow the fence until you see the red bench (picture 2), then turn left until you see a gate with the lock (picture 3). Pull the lever to open the gate (picture 4).

And so on.


I use the text as an automated message 2 days before check-in. Unfortunately, as far as I know, pictures cannot be added to the automated message so all I have to do is send the image file. 


i hope this helps. 

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@Anne13794 Take a picture of it and then you can attach it to a message via the AirBnB messaging system.