Is this draft review too harsh?

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Is this draft review too harsh?

I've never written a critical review about a guest but our current guest may be my first time. I have set out below my draft so far. I've never written such a detailed review either. Normally my reviews are along the lines of "X stayed with us for Y nights. X was pleasant, friendly and tidy and I would happily recommend them to other hosts" perhaps with an additional line about something specific we chatted about.


Am I overthinking this? I may not see her in the morning before she leave as I'll be out on the school run but it seems unlikely her attitude (rude and dismissive like it's all my fault) is going to change.


Any views please?


"X stayed with us for one night. It was her first experience with Airbnb and she experienced some difficulties with the verification process which prevented her for being able to book initially. As there were no restrictions our end preventing the booking, I contacted the help centre on X's behalf as she told me she was unable to make contact. They were able to resolve the issue and X completed her booking. Upon check in the following day X was clearly rather cross about the difficulties she had faced in booking. I did the usual check in tour and explained the breakfast routine. This is clearly stated on the listing as self-service of cereal/toast but I explained that X was also welcome to help herself to freshly laid eggs from our hens. X expressed disappointment that she would be required to cook her own breakfast."


Assuming she leaves the room ok, I will add "X left the room in a clean and tidy condition" but I am struggling to finish the review. I'm not sure I can bring myself to say that I would recommend her to other hosts because she has been so dismissive and unpleasant and in over 50 hosted trips so far, I haven't yet had a guest like this who I actually don't want in my house again and genuinely wouldn't want to inflict on anyone else. I know it is not against Airbnb rules for guests to be miserable and not everyone is going to be friendly and want to stand around and chat but then again, do I want to share my home with people like her and do I want anyone else to? She was so snotty about breakfast too, it's not my fault she didn't read what is offered in terms of breakfast!


Advice please?

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Hi @Victoria0


I think the review is a little too personal. I like to keep reviews short and professional and not to include specifics/air dirty laundry. In a different post, on the same topic, someone recommended something like this...



"The guest and I do not share the same values. We would not recommend this guest to other hosts."


I'm sure hosts have differing opinions about this but we look at it from a business standpoint. It would be very easy to give specifics about all of the obnoxious, awful, gross and rude things guests have done. But I don't think it helps future hosts anymore than saying, "We would not recommend this guest".


If you search on the community page for conversations about bad reviews you will find some great information from knowledgeable hosts.

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I once left a harsh detailed review in regards to cleanliness for a guest who stayed with us for 2 nights. In the end I was happy to inform my fellow community about this guest BUT I did recieve a rather annoyed/angry message from the guest. Extra drama added to my day which was not needed. 


I think saying something like "hotels are better suited for this guest" - people can read between the lines.


We have someone coming tonight who has 1 review which talked about "this guest left our space a little messier than we anticipcated" so I was VERY hesitant to book them but decided to give them a second chance. 


The guest in your case would make me feel so uneasy, that you may want to express a little bit of the for instance situations that you had. I would definately not host someone like that.

@Ashley-and-Brent0 I don't read the responses because they can seem like the start of a flame war. I say what I need to say about a guest and then leave it.


So when I get a notice that a response to a negative review has arrived, I delete it. My review is the last thing I want to have to do with guests, not unless they book my place again.  

@Eileen4 I almost wish I had done that. I did reply and then blocked him. I reached out to the airbnb community though. What's the point of writing a bad review if they can just come and message you and also, they know where you live... so they can really do some serious damage if they were spitful like that!

I tend to be a bit more careful with locals...although it wasn't until another host mentioned the potential for abuse that I started. It just hadn't occurred to me.


I think the thing is to choose your battles. I had one guest who had friends who left a mess behind, one I would have been willing to overlook if they hadn't also left with the key. He wrote a long response which I ignored. I had spent days messaging him in various ways (to get the key) and he ignored the when he wrote a response, I just thought, too bad.

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@Victoria0  Hi.. listen, i totally agree, some are just bloody diva's and for sure put thumps down and say  X sadly did not read my listing of self service at breakfast time and along wth issues with verification as a new airbnb guest appeared unhappy and stated so. I feel x would be better suited to hotel in the future where standard catering and booking proceedures apply.


 Victoria i do self service and when they come in and i show them around i always say Table is laid and as listed  it is self service then show them everything they need.  Those who did not read, do the poker face because at that point they know it was for them to read clearly.. All my guests have been super ok with self service and most have even washed their dishes after happily.  One or two guys both high level indian doctors were very used to being served and one said to me "oh i have servants who do this for me".. i replied "well have you brought them with you or you will go hungry" i said in my usual jokey manner and we both had a laugh.. He was cool about it and he was and left great review. 


No one wants arrogant, sulking, rude, not friendly people in our homes that we have to share, it is a horrid situation.. So we all want to  be vary of these guests.. I just had one i didnt gel  with too, its human nature.  wait until you see she has posted her feedback then send post yours.. if she puts ok things about you/home dont feel guilty as you have a right to your opinion and i suspect you are spot on.


lastly when i first booked on to airbnb as a guest before i hosted, it was a complete and utter nightmare getting my verification done.. i was pulling my hair out and took me hours to find a way to talk to airbnb.. The host i was trying to book with did not help me one bit to  sort.  But i did not hold the verification against her, i blamed the process and maybe my  computer skills.. Aparently some sites like airbnb run on certain programmes etc best cookies etc, not sure... My first host was not the most open or friendly to me but i wasnt rude or cross with her about the verification process!..


Mala x


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oh wow, sorry for guest from hell. I would keep it short and breef. i will not get into details. in the private message to Airbnb you can get to more details. Always start with the positive thing you have to say and then to the negative experiance. and please do not recomend her, the review has to be honest. in the end you can say "I think x will enjoy a hotel stay rather a home stay" something to that effect. Also you can write the raring you giving her in the end cleaness 2 stars keeping the house rules 1 star etc.

If you will deside to tell a story in detail about your negative experiance be ready for a "fight" from her as she will have the oportunity to respond and will get defensive. i just keep it short and in the end mention she is better go to a hotel and write the rating you giving her in the review in the end, we are hosts will get the message. Good luck.


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in my opinion it is not too harsh, but you can leave one kind of review to the public and another in the private review area.

That is where I would lay out my concerns. However the review here states the facts. That is all that is needed. So for me?

it's fine.