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If my single accommodation allows two adults, up to what age child is allowed ?

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@Ulitia0 In Airbnb's policies, children under 2 years old are considered infants and often not counted towards the occupancy limit of a listing, so for example your maximum guest is 2, then the guests can still add a number of infants (Under 2). While children ages 2–12 are added to the number of adults, so if the guest booking your listing puts 2 on the Adults, then the Children will be grayed out. You may also check and verify this when you try to book/view your listing as a guest. Hope this helps! 

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Also like my listing is in  a shared house  and I smoke cigarettes so my rooms are listed as unsafe for infants because I smoke.  If there is a specific valid reason you choose not to accept any children unsecured pool or hot tub or really steep stairs.  You do have the ability to  say not safe even for a younger child.

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In my experience it's fairly dangerous to allow infants to a listing that is not equipped (for example, with cribs). For example, if you have a room where maximum occupancy is 1, then in theory they can still tack on 2 infants onto that, making it 3 and making it the worst nightmare lol.


This is why I have it expressly written into my house rules that infants are not allowed. Now Airbnb can't do this since it would be discrimination as they did used to have a section where you could select whether or not to allow infants or not but later took it out!


Although yes we did have the worst possible scenario happen to us where a family of 5 booked our room for 2. 2 adults, 1 younger child, and 2 infants, all trying to cram into 1 single queen bed lol. After that we know that we can not allow infants.