My listed was suspended for 5 days due a malicious one star review

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Aguascalientes, Mexico

My listed was suspended for 5 days due a malicious one star review

Airbnb needs to support host better not only take the guest side.

In my case the guest was a dishonest person that intended to get refunded his money. He claimed our listing was not good because it did not have the amenities he wanted but we do not offer.

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@Judith844 I think the suspension for 5 days is a system generated when your rating went lower but it is unfair if you were rated due to an amenity that you do not offer. If you haven't already, you might consider reaching out to Airbnb support to explain the situation and provide evidence that the amenities the guest complained about were not listed on your property's page. This could help clarify the misunderstanding and possibly remove the review depending on Airbnb's assessment. Hope this helps! 

I did reach to airbnb but the message I got is that the system is set up to automatically suspend the listing for 5 days,  that is an improvement already, since it used to be suspension. They can not remove the review becase it doesn't violate airbnb standads.


The algorithm needs an improvement, that artificial intelligence that it is used is not very intelligent 🙂

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That's terrible, sorry that happened to you.  We got lucky that our lying, scamming guest that left us our only bad / 2 star review (overall and in one category) didn't get us suspended.  She had no proof of her claims and I had tons of proof of her lying, sneaking, trying to book off platform, sneaking a pet, arriving 3 hours early and staying after cancelling.  I had so many pictures and messages from my cleaner.  This guest got an almost total refund  (including cleaning) and left the house a wreck after one night.  Her only claim was a "smell" which has never been mentioned in almost 300 reviews and probably 400 stays.  She knew what she was doing.  Smells can't be proven, she knew it and the bots here just recklessly let these professional crooks steal from us.    I will never get over the abhorrent service I received on this platform, the guest now has a 2nd review stating she did something similar to them.  Yet, all of my reviews after hers are glowing.  Of course, this thief they call a "guest" will never get suspended, I'm sure.  It's a joke, I am slowly moving my bookings off of this scandalous, undeserving platform.  I tell everyone I know what they did to me.