New rules for B.C. short-term rentals

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New rules for B.C. short-term rentals

I am planning to visit Vancouver during July and August this year. I have just found out that there will be new rules for short-term rentals starting from 1 May 2024. So my stay of approximately 60 days will be considered as short-term rental. I am afraid that I book something but then I find out that the host has no valid licence and is forced to cancel my stay at short notice. Then I would have booked my flight and everything else but have no place to stay.


Do you know if that's really the case and I have to be extra careful when booking? Because now I still see many rooms listed for summer even though the host does not seem to have a licence or live in the same apartment. And some hosts that I have asked do not even seem to know that the rules are changing. They have just told me that I need to book at least 30 days but that's the old rule, not the new one.


Do you have any other advice?

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Hey @Ken3514, I hope you're well 😊
I'd like to share a link to this thread which you may find useful Province of BC new Short Term Rental Legislation.

Additionally I'd like to tag some lovely members who were involved in the above discussion, in the hopes that they can shed some light and advise you better @Paul7222 @Lorne18 @Joelle325  🙏🏽



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Hi Sophia,


Ken has correctly set out the Provincial governments new Short Term Rental legislation. The new legislation takes effect May 1, 2024. This will very much adversely affect the availability of AirBnb in British Columbia. The intent of the legislation is to close STR where not in a principal residence. The expectations being it will create more monthly rental properties where there is apparently a shortage in BC. Unfortunately the STR accounts for very small portion of the housing market, and will have very little impact on the monthly rental stock. The main problem with the housing problem in Canada is immigration exceeding house construction. There is a provincial election coming up and STR is the scape goat. 

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Hi Ken

Your information seems to be fairly correct.  As this is new legislation and has not been implemented yet, there are still a lot of unknowns.   


You are correct that government has changed the definition of short-term to anything under 90 days; whereas, it is currently anything under 30 days.  A lot of visiting professionals, executives, students, nurses and doctors will be faced with the very same challenge. 


As far as I know, the government has not yet begun their registration numbering system.   Also, to my understanding, those that live in their principal residence and have a separate suite may continue to rent out short-term stays, as long as they register (when that system comes online).


Here is a link to the BC gov website, which may provide some additional answers for you.


To my understanding, I think, stays of 90 days or longer will not be subject to the new rules.


Good luck.

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Principle resident exempts from my city, New Westminster , Surrey. 

I was hopeful for my primary residence but unfortunately 

 that doesn't apply  in most cities. 


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Hi Ken,

Vancouver as a municipality has pretty strict rules on Short term rental. Their rules are stricter than the one from the BC government.  If you booked a short term rental in the city of Vancouver, you can reach out to your host and ask if they have a license to operate and if the new rules will affect your reservation.


Neighboring municipalities and districts may not have strict rules. For example, I have a short term rental in the District of North Vancouver and it is in my principal residence.  The district is talking about the possibility of aligning its rules with the BC Short term rental rules and in the short term, do not plan to enforce the rules until 2025. So if you find a property in the District of North Vancouver you might be ok for this summer. 


Contact your host to make sure everything is good to go.

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North Vancouver does apply to new rules

Primary residence applies

where population of 10,000 or less applies to that community . 

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So sad.  We have traveled to both Victoria and Vancouver many times.  Now we are forced to look elsewhere for vacation rentals.  British Columbia will not get our tourist dollars.