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Winter Release: Your Questions Answered here

No support for hosts

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Williamstown, MA

No support for hosts

I have been a host for 4 years now and in the early days AirBnB was responsive and would follow up on an issue.  I recently had a guest that had a major party in my house. Police were called-people jumping the fence and running away.-15 cars parked on the street.   The renter agreed to 3 paople and no more than 2 cars as the house is in a quiet neighborhood.

I called AirBnB at 2am to complain, the first thing that they asked is "do you fear for your safety".  I dont live near my rental so I said no but I said that my neighbors fear for their safety.  She said this will have to be escalated to the Safety Dept and they will contact you shortly.  Well, 2hrs later no call. 9 hrs later I called again to try to get the guest out.  After being on hold for 13 minutes new representative said that the Safety Dept has the complaint and will call me shortly.  I tried to explaining the story again but she wouldnt listen. 

Now 12 hrs later still no call so I called again and  16 minutes on hold, a new rep said the same story as the last one but said that she would tell them this was "urgent". As you can imagine I just want the guests out now.  NO call back.  I called AirBnB once again and they said that a rep from the Safety Dept tried emailing me which is bull**bleep**.  I told her I need a call back now!  She said "oh, well they dont have phones in the Safety Dept."  Well that made me mad and I told her I need a call right away as this IS a safety issue. 

A few hrs later, which is now 5pm the Safety Dept called and asked what I wanted to do.  Its a bit late to discuss last nights party but I said if the guest can act like an adult and not have a party or trash my house they can stay as they were checking out the next day at 11am.  She said that she would contact the guest to discuss this and get back to call back to me!

Now its the next day, my cleaning crew goes to the house at 11:05 (checkout is 11am)  and 5 people are still sleeping and the house is trashed! I told her to stay out of the house until I contact AirBnB.  So as expected no answered after 18 minutes on hold so I hung up and tried again in a few minutes.  After 12 minutes on hold someone answered and I told them the situation. She said "well you have an open claim and the Safety Dept is handling it"  I tried telling her it was a different issue and I wanted the guests out right away but she said there was nothing her dept could do and to expect a call back from the Safety Dept.  NO CALL BACK !

My cleaning lady went in anyway around 11:30 because new guests were coming in at 3 and she had to get this cleaned. She was not greeted well by some guests. One man was nice but one man was verbally abusive towards her. 

Most of the furniture was rearranged, all linen and towels were strewn about the house. Vomit in the bedroom on the floor.  Urine on the bathroom walls. Showers running with no one in them. Trash everywhere and 1 trash can cut in pieces.  Glitter all over the place and pot roaches and cigarette butts in just about every room in the house!  WTF!  (this is a non smoking house)  I called AirBnb and after 17 minutes on hold I was again told  that I would be contacted by the same F-ing "Safety Dept" AND no one called.  Why do they call it a "Safety Dept" because they dont care about my safety!  I am very Irate right now. 

I feel like there is no support from AirBnB for hosts!

I have 2 months of reservations booked and then I think I will switch to another vacation rental company.  

AirBnB follow-ups are ridicules or non existent.  Hosts get no respect 


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El Cerrito, CA

@Mike2343  surprise me that Airbnb didn't cancel the reservation for you!  They canceled seven reservations for me and informed me that those were party risky. 

Luckily there were no shootings!

Don't rely on the Airbnb support team! It will just stress you out! Even they intervene, those guests were either drunk or high, not able to respond to any communication.

Calling authority also is not a good option if there is no crime scene. They were your guests( or their visitors), not intruders 

After went through several time that situation, I finally learned that prevention/ screen is the key solution.

In my welcome message, I always mention that due to COVID 19, no visitors are allowed. 

Good luck!


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Jamestown, CA

@Mike2343 @ I understand your pain. It’s clear Airbnb doesn’t support the hosts like they used to. I was recently yelled at by support when I asked what to do when I found out my guests were entering. I was told I would get a call back and never did. A couple days after the checkout I was sent a message from Airbnb that the case was closed because it was no longer an issue since the guest had checked out. It’s basically host at your own risk these days. I also here stories about Airbnb not responding and not supporting damage claims. However, I think I got some good advice from someone recently…Add to your pre-booking message no parties are allowed. In your rules add there will be a $25 or more charge for each guest additional guest. Add there will be additional charges for cleaning if there is a party with a dollar amount. If they agree to the rules they are responsible for payment. But you have to document it with photos. The police report may work too.  I haven’t had to try it yet but fingers crossed next time I have an issue.  I only added charges per guest to my rules. We shall see. 

I'm not sure what you think Airbnb would've done? Do you think they would call the renter and ask him to end the party and leave and he/she would just pack and leave? You are one of many people I've seen contact airbnb in urgent situations like this and then sit around and wait for them to contact you and I've never understood why that would be the first course of action. 


In this case, I would meet the police there and evict them regardless of what anyone at Airbnb has to say. 

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Sayulita, Mexico

@Mike2343  It us up to you to boot out bad guests. Whuch you should do at the first sign of this kind of behavior. 

Airbnb doesn't care about your house, and they don't have knights in shining armor who will arrive and kick the guests out.

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Maybe some of the Airbnb robots can raise their swords and act as virtual knights in shining armor !

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Williamstown, MA

@Sarah977  no need for sarcasm 

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Leeuwarden, The Netherlands



You are expecting from Airbnb they will kick out your "guests" instantly from the accommodation.
Well, they can't do this. They can at the most cancel the reservation and ask the guests to leave. Only you can force the guests (with some additional assitance from police) to leave.


File a claim for damage to the guests:


Report the guests to Airbnb and write a honest review.