Payment Successful, but Booking Failed

Payment Successful, but Booking Failed


Hi Everyone,

I recently made a reservation using my debit card. Although the payment was approved and deducted from my bank account, I cannot find any details about the reservation in my Airbnb account. I contacted the host, but they did not receive the booking request on their end.

I checked with my bank, and they confirmed that the transaction was successful. I also shared the transaction ID with Airbnb customer service but have not received a clear explanation or proper response so far.

What should I do?

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Community Manager
Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

Hello, @Siti-Setyawati-Mulyono0 so sorry to hear you that you are experiencing these issues. Although this isn't a customer support forum, we were able to forward the information in your post on to the relevant team. I was wondering if you managed to get this resolved? 



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