Refund Guest PRIOR to check-in

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Refund Guest PRIOR to check-in

Hello all,

I was trying to send my guest a small refund PRIOR to check-in. I noticed when going through the steps, when it asks 'what is this payment for,' the only option I see is 'change dates or guests' and it wants me to change the reservation. I don't see an option to simply send money. Is this correct? 

I know when I've sent money post check-in, I see the option to just send money. 

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Hi Alexander,


It appears you're encountering the standard functionality within Airbnb's system. Airbnb generally does not allow hosts to send money directly to guests through their platform except as part of a reservation change or an official claim on the security deposit post-check-in.


Airbnb does not typically support sending additional payments or issuing partial refunds directly without altering the reservation details. This is primarily for security and auditing purposes, to ensure that all transactions can be tracked and associated with specific bookings. 


Given the limitations and potential complications of handling money outside the Airbnb system, it’s often safest to contact Airbnb support directly to ask if there are any current features or workarounds that may apply to your situation.

By adhering to Airbnb’s structured processes, you ensure that all transactions are properly documented and covered under Airbnb’s terms of service, which is important for both host and guest protection.


I hope this helps!


All the best,

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@Alicia753 The resolution centre within the platform is made for reasons like that. And definitely keep all transactions within the platform. I just gave my guests a small refund last week because the neighbour apartment had some renovation going on for a couple of hours. I just send the money through the app - explaining why (a box pops up so you can explain the reason). So definitely if you want to send your guest a refund use the platform and choose one of the options- I can’t remember what option I chose. But I’m not sure why you wouldn’t use the resolution centre to send or request payments from guests - when it is made for exactly that purpose? So @Alexander1460 you can definitely use the platform to send your guest a refund. Definitely keep all transactions within the platform. It is also documentation. 
Best, Sandra

@Alexander1460 If I were you I would tell the guest that you would like to give them a little refund but the system won’t let you do it before after they have checked in. I gave my guests a refund after check in - so I don’t know what options you got pre- check in. 

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Hi @Alexander1460 👋


Did @Alicia753's advice below support you in getting the money sent to the guest? If so, it's always a lovely gesture to mark it as the best answer. It's like a big virtual hug to the member who supported you but also to support other Hosts who may have similar questions in the future. 😊



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