Restrict Check-in Dates

Restrict Check-in Dates

Does anyone know of a way to restrict CHECK-IN dates to a particular range?  As I can only rent out for 31 days and more and want to open my calendar and avoid loosing precious rental dates, I’m looking for guests wanting to check in the following 2 weeks.  As long as they check in during that time they can stay as long as they want.  


I've tried using the Rule-set to restrict check-in for the 12 months ahead (except for the following 2 weeks) but when I restrict check-in for all the days of the week, it does not allow me to save the rule set (need to open at least one day for check-in). 



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@Istifan0 Perhaps use a Realtor? I don't think the Airbnb system allows you to do what you need to do.

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Hey there @Istifan0 👋 


Did you get an answer to this? 


Looking forward to hearing from you, 

Rebecca 🌟



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Unfortunately not. Tks

Hi @Istifan0 

So you only want your calendar open for a 2 week period for guests to book a 31day stay?

Yes @Joan2709 .  Essentially I don’t to limit the stay duration but I want to only allow check-in in the following 2 wks 

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Hi @Istifan0,


I'm not entirely sure if my advice will be effective, but it might open up new directions for you to explore. If not, my apologies for taking up your time:


Set the price for the entire year at a ridiculously high cost per night, let's say 10 times higher than your usual rate. This will effectively block out the entire year because nobody will pay that price.

Then, establish a rule for last-minute bookings two weeks in advance with a 90% discount.

Apply this rule for the entire year ahead.

That way, only people looking to book within the next two weeks will see the real price.


I didnt try it,  I hope it will work. 

@Guy991  that is a great idea !  Tks so much for taking the time to propose this.  I will try this !


tks again


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Same issue, same question!  Right now I have all the dates open and they have to contact me to book.  So I can turn down the bookings that don't work, but same exact issue and can't seem to find a way to do it.  Seems simple enough as they can restrict check in days to certain days of the week, but not specific dates?