Scam or legit?

Scam or legit?

I am new to the hosting game and I had an inquiry for a 72 day stay. Here are my concerns:

1) the person's account is new, joined within the last month. So no host reviews.

2) The initial inquiry was in a different language, the translation tool helped in the messages.

3) The person wants to do a facetime call to "see" the place before booking b/c they're in California at the moment. Our Airbnb is in TX.


Of course this is a good amount of money so I'd love for this to be legit. BUT of course I want to be sure this is safe and not a scam that I may be unaware of.

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I wondered what you did in the end with this request? As it's been a while I'm tagging some experienced Hosts here to see if they can support: 

@Karen114@Melanie318 & @Sorcha3 are you able to help @Abigail353 with this request for a 72 day stay? 

Hope to hear from you soon! 😊



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Hi @Rebecca, the potential guest wanted to facetime call using Whatsapp; which was the last red flag. I let him know we would not be able to because we'd only communicate through Airbnb. Before he could respond Airbnb flagged him and took his account down. I've noticed several inquiries similar to this, ALWAYS 30+ days and new users. Immediate scam flag to me.