Suddenly no bookings 2024

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Santa Monica, CA

Suddenly no bookings 2024

I have 7 years of 5 star ratings in Santa Monica, California. Suddenly I had hardly anything in December ‘23, only one booking in January, one booking in March, then nothing at all. I’ve always been fully booked. I dont’ understand.


Is anyone else having this problem?


I would appreciate any insights!

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Santa Monica, CA

Hello Everyone.


Here are links to the best information I can find. Also, I’ve read the last 2 quarter earnings report, (the most recent one from last week.) You will find a link to the latest one below. I have also included a few other links I found helpful in putting together why we have had a slow spell.


I’ll say that my listings picked up after I’ve lowered the price $30 a night, which is a good amount, considering how expensive everything has gotten. Also I cut the cleaning fee to $50. 


Based on what I have read in both the earnings reports, along with reading a few other articles found on the internet, I think a lot of the slow down had to do with Airbnb purposely trying to lower rates as well as bring in more hosts. The “guest favorite” filter gives new hosts more opportunity to get listings faster as it regenerates every 24 hours, while superhost status is every month or so. (I forget how long exactly, but, it’s a longer qualifying period)


As well, I was told by a support ambassador that the order of listings sorts randomly over periods of time, regardless if you are a guest favorite or not. (Superhost does not give you any advantage in search options anymore.) This was done for the same reason; to give new hosts the opportunity to be featured.


I’ve noticed that at times my listing only appears as a blank dot on the map, especially when I put in a blanket search for Santa Monica. This is even if I put in the guest favorite filter. Rather unfortunate, and I would say, unfair. But that’s that and unless they are reading this and decide to do something about it, that’s the way they are doing it.


The earnings reports also talked about how they are trying to be more competitive with hotels price-wise. Overall rates on hotels have gone up around 10%, while Airbnb has gone down a bit. Airbnb considers this a win. And perhaps over the long run it will be for us, as well. It has always been an advantage here, because and equal quality hotel is a fortune.


Finally, it seems that Airbnb is buying small boutique hotels here and there in an effort to diversify its portfolio. In the earnings reports they allude to “acquiring” investment opportunities, but that’s it. However, an ambassador confirmed that they are doing this. They are waiting to announce it. If you google it, you will find articles.


I hope this has helped sort it out. If anyone else has any input, please speak up under this reply. It’s nice to have it all in one place. This is otherwise an extremely long thread.


Here are the links promised.


February 13, 2024 earnings call:


re: boutique hotels:


Random articles:

Airbnb vs hotels: Why are customers and hosts over Airbnb? - Vox


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ps. I found the page, but mine only has the following options: Payments / Payouts / Donations / Guest Contributions. None of these have anything to do with the AirBnb fee, nor do I see any option to allow me to select Simplified or Split pricing. it's simply not anywhere in my settings. 

Click on Service Fee 

Go to earnings, than payout settings then service fee

I don’t see “service fee” when I follow this. Are you using a browser or an app?

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Louth, United Kingdom

Hi. I am relieved to find this thread, as I’m in the same situation myself.

I have just sent this to Airbnb support, but the automated replies are hard to get around……….

.Good morning
I am writing to express my total disappointment with Airbnb.
I have been a host with you for 9 years and earned a good reputation for my hosting standards, plus the prestigious superhost status.
My ratings and reviews are still excellent, but, assuming due to the economic downturn in the UK, my bookings with yourselves have been light.
Concerned, I contacted you, and your agent assured me that my superhost status was safe, only to be stripped of it at the following review.
My bookings are now negative, and I’m sure it is due to having lost my status.
Personally, I book a superhost wherever possible, so I do know I will have fallen down the ratings, and feel it’s impossible to ever claw myself back up to superhost status.
Reducing my nightly rate any lower would not be worth me even opening my door.
Had Airbnb actually helped instead of punishing my lack of bookings, I might still be in business.
The fact that Airbnb had not kept their side of the deal by getting me bookings, and punished me instead, has left me very dubious about continuing with this platform.
Having had a similar situation on another booking platform, where the agent contacted me, gave good advice and helped me move forward again, Airbnb has appeared very unhelpful.


@Jenny1910  Are you saying that  because you didn’t have any bookings they punished you by not renewing your superhost status? If so, this is even worse news!

Also, since tgis is happening to so many, Airbnb they will loose a lot of super hosts. How can this help anyone?


Am I right guessing that you haven’t heard back on this detail?


You mentioned in your letter that you had been on another platform where they helped you. What platform was that?


Thank you in advance, @Michele511

Yes Michelle. Everything - all my ratings were really good, no cancellations or hiccups - just low bookings. But! The bookings are their part of the bargain, they failed and then punished me!

It was Vrbo that were the most proactive in helping me - showed real concern. I’ve still got low bookings, but at leat they cared instead of ‘reprimanded’ like this platform

😟 @Jenny1910 I’m sorry to hear that. I did get another booking today, which helped me feel better. Even though it’s a lower rate than I’ve gotten since I started, it’s still better than having to change back to full time rental. 

I am having the exact same issue. My listing is in suburban Washington DC. Last year's quarter (2023) were barely any bookings...then December was good but now again no bookings at all. It's been hard to keep up with the expenses. So I am actually going to be switching to long term.

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Toronto, Canada

It's a slow season here for us too. I think it will improve in March here as the weather improves, but January & February will be tough for us. We will need to depend a lot on locals because I don't think right now is a good season for tourism. 


@Zheng49  This has never happened here. I’m usually getting bookings into May at this point. It’s a trend happening in a lot of places, it seems. I’m hoping this will be addressed by Airbnb in some manner. 

if you read the other responses to my post you will see what I’m talking about. Fingers crossed. 🤞🏼 

I did a search for Santa Monica, for 4 days in a row and couldn't find your listing. Not sure what the issue is, but I did browse the first 5 pages just in case it was buried but still nothing. 


Edit: Tried multiple filters and can't find your place at all. 

@Zheng49  Thank you for letting me know. Disturbing. 

I found it now. It's on the top of the 2nd page when I search for Santa Monica for a whole week starting on the 21 of January, and for 1 guest.


Edit: Did another search (same one), and it's on the lower half of the 1st page now. Seems you have a bit of momentum now. 

@Zheng49  Thank you. So is that how it works? If people are looking at your listing you move up?