Technical Issue? Review count messed up and affecting my star rating.

Technical Issue? Review count messed up and affecting my star rating.

This seems to be a SUPER WEIRD technical mistake.


When I checked my listing this morning, my review count had changed from 36 to 11 for one listing (another inactive listing went down from 300+ to 85!!!). In 13 years of hosting, this is a first.


What's going on d@Airbnb????


Even odder is that the reviews are there when you click on REVIEWS - all 36 of them. But the number showing is 11 and it's affecting my home's rating - which went from 4.89 to 4.82.


I'm furious about this and WAITING for Customer Support to contact me back. Can anybody shed some light?

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Bergamo, Italy

Thanks for letting me know Andrea. Was this today?

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Kingston, Canada

I noticed the exact same thing. I am new to hosting but I have had 8 stays and with 8 reviews and my rating was 4.88. Now this morning it is saying I only have 3 reviews and my rating has dropped to 4.67. 


Same thing, when I go into the review, I can still view all 8. 


There must be a glitch in the system.



Thank you Brad - sounds like a glitch that they can't resolve soon enough!!!

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same issue happens to all 5 of my listing..

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@Bruna-and-Andrew0 @Brad1068 I just called Customer Service, they are aware of the problem and they are trying to solve it asap ...

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Same! It seems to be a coding error on some menus of our listing pages, but not all. I also contacted support. The solution was to wait for a support team to get back to me...🫠


They didn't mention they were aware of the issue at all. And I don't find any official messages here or notifications to owners. 


So, if you're also experiencing the bug with the number of your reviews, please report it!

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London, United Kingdom

Hi everyone, Airbnb is aware of an issue related to Reviews. Our team is actively looking into this.  We will provide an update soon. Thank you for your feedback and patience.



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@Sophia Thank you!.

The problem is that when you call Airbnb support, they are not aware of the issue! It would be good if the support could be informed and explain to hosts who call that it's a technical issue


Not an issue! it is a new feature according to your support team!

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Talked to customer support. It is a NEW FEATURE!! ONLY you last quarter reviews and rating will be used for your property rating!! It is a total nonsense!! Yet another way to screw up good hosts and reward bad ones. It also gives more power to guests as a single bad review in a quarter will messed up your rating. Another terrible decision by Airbnb!! 

OMG - thanks for finding this out. Airbnb just gets worse and worse while pretending they are doing all these things for us hosts.


Customer service is appalling. 


It's way past time to get our own websites for direct bookings!

Agree with everything! Unfortunately, they still provide about 70% of all my business. Direct Bookings only are maybe 10~15%... the rest the other platforms. 


This change is awful and I hope it wont stick if enough of us complain.