Tips for new guests

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Tips for new guests

We have been getting a lot of guests this spring who are new to AirBnB, so I posted this list of tips on our Facebook page. I plan to post more as I think of them. Can anyone think of any others?


"Never stayed in an Air BnB? Here are some tips on what to expect, and what to do and not do.

1. AirBnBs aren't owned by one company. Most are owned by individuals and families. (The Mountain View is owned by two brothers.) AirBnB is a booking company that charges owners a fee for service, collects room charges and taxes, and pays the owners.

2. AirBnBs aren't hotels, but sometimes there might be several in a single building.

3. AirBnBs are as different as their owners. Some are just a room in someone's house. Some are apartments or condominiums, and others are whole houses. You'll find hobbit holes, tree houses, trailers, boats, castles and entire islands listed on AirBnB.

4. Most AirBnBs are all inclusive. You are provided with towels, sheets, television, full kitchens, toiletries and sometimes snacks. At The Mountain View, you'll find all of that, plus an iron and ironing board, hair dryer, and books to read while you're there.

5. What you won't get at an AirBnB is maid service, unless you and the host make arrangements in advance. The Mountain View is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after every guest. Sheets, blankets, bedspreads, towels and shower curtains are washed in hot water with OxyClean laundry sanitizer after each guest. (Many hotels only wash bedspreads if they are visibly dirty.) Floors are mopped with germ-killing cleaner, and surfaces are cleaned and disinfected. We have hardwood floors, not carpet that can hold germs and odors.

6. While criticism of AirBnBs seems to be an online fad, hosts live and die by the ratings we receive from our guests. Anything less than five stars is damaging to the reputation of the host and the listing, so hosts try their best to make sure everything is perfect when guests arrive. Some guests never give more than four stars to any AirBnB, but unless there is actually a problem, that isn't fair to the hosts. Hosts review guests and guests review hosts, and neither sees the reviews before both are submitted. Hosts appreciate honest reviews because they help us know what we're doing right and what we can do better. They also help future guests choose the AirBnB that best suits them.

7. When you rent an AirBnB, messages should be exchanged using the AirBnB inbox. That way messages are available for AirBnB staff to review if there is any problem with your stay.

8. Most AirBnBs use digital locks so there's no key to be copied or lost, and no key cards to stop working. At The Mountain View, each guest is given their own door code that is deleted as soon as they leave so a previous guest will never have the code for your room.

9. Each AirBnB has its own rules, which are set by the host. These are in addition to rules set by AirBnB. Be sure to read the rules for properties you want to rent before you arrive, so you aren't taken by surprise. AirBnB prohibits parties at all properties that use it to book.

10. When you book an AirBnB, be sure to turn on notifications on your AirBnB app or website. This is how your host will send you essential information such as your door code, directions to the property, and a "house manual," telling you where to find everything from utensils to fire extinguishers, and what to do in case of an emergency."

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I might consider adding some form of the following:

1) After writing the public part of your review for your host/accommodations, you will be able to send a private note to the host. If you have a minor issue or suggestion for the host (or even a compliment), include it in the private message to the host instead of the public review that everyone sees. 

2) If the host goes the extra mile for you, take the time to reference it in your review.

(NOTE: I once took the guest along on my favorite coastal hike that was a 1.5 hour drive away and basically spent the whole day with him. I think his review was very short and pretty generic and made no mention of my efforts.)

Similarly, if the host goes the extra mile, make sure that you leave your review within the 14-day window. After 14 days, you will not be able to leave a review, which is very frustrating to the host if they have made an extra effort for you. 

3) If there is a cleaning fee, that does not mean that you can leave the place a mess (e.g., dirty dishes, half-eaten food in the fridge.) In this age of COVID, cleaning is an extensive and expensive process. 

4) If the host has provided a set of rules, please take the time to read them. Hopefully they will answer some of the questions that you were going to ask the host. 

5) Please check that you are not leaving things behind, specifically charging devices. 



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Hi @Sammy-L-0 ,

I moved your post to a wider board as I thought it would also help the guests visiting our Community Center as well!

The gist definitely helps to understand a Host's perspective and what can guests expect while booking or dealing with Airbnb bookings.


Thanks again for putting in such a good piece of information for all. 

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@Sammy-L-0   Nice job with some very pertinent information. Very proactive of you!


The only wording that I would change (IMO) is Number 4.  All inclusive can mean very different things to people who are used to going to hotels or resorts. There are numerous AirBnBs in traditional vacation locations (like the New Jersey Shore) that are "bare bones" and require guests to bring their own linens or pay for a linen delivery service. 



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Good catch! I changed it to this:


"4. Most AirBnBs provide your room with towels, sheets, television, full kitchens, toiletries and sometimes snacks. At The Mountain View, you'll find all of that, plus an iron and ironing board, hair dryer, and books to read while you're there."

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