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Verify a listing

Yesterday I booked a place in Paris, booking number **.  It supposedly is a newer one with no reviews an something about it makes me suspicious.  I googled the address and the satellite image that came back for the place was not very nice.  How can I find out if they have actually had bookings through airbnb and no complaints about it?


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You already know the listing you booked has no reviews,  although they may have reviews for other listings @Jacqueline1520 


The time to check out an area is before you book rather than once you have a confirmed booking. You can cancel penalty free within 48 hours of booking if the booking is more than two weeks ago penalty free. 


Personally if I was booking a trip far away from where I lived personally I would book with an individual superhost with lots of great reviews within the last year.


What attracted you to this new listing with no reviews:?

You can't check for past bookings to my knowledge, and if there are no reviews, that's sometimes a sign. But you can also check the calendar for any future block outs which indicates it might have bookings between now and your dates. And then check reviews post those...

Like Helen said, probably best to book with super hosts if its a new location for you, new hosts might not also have the best experience for international guests so its a high risk stay for you

Kind regs


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Hi @Jacqueline1520

For what it's worth, there have been a number of Paris hosts here who have said that they listed their places for the 1st time for the upcoming Olympics. So many will have no previous stays and I guess accommodation is scarce. As the others have mentioned below, an established host would be great and some new hosts may not be perfect from the start, but availability may be an issue ...

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Hi @Jacqueline1520 👋


How exciting! Travelling to Paris! You've asked a great question here. Did you see the responses below? It'd be great to hear what you've decided to do about the booking. 😊



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