guest booked 1 person - i found out it was 2 persons checking in

guest booked 1 person - i found out it was 2 persons checking in

after seeing the security cam in doorway after rental was finished i saw guest came with 2 guests

i stated that additional Xeuro has to be paid and i sent request in mediation center

he refused

i forwarded for airbnb support they said i should have done it within 72hours

i litterally reported it the next day he checked out

leaving me with a minus 200 euro bill for that term and decided in favor for the guest




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Placencia, Belize

You have two posts, one mentioning 2 guests arriving instead of 1, something you addressed after the guests completed their stay. It should have been when they arrived. Your second post mentions guests leaving when there was no WIFI. These two different events concern the same guests?


If so, you are attempting to collect from guests who A-brought someone extra and B- because they left when there was no WIFI (though you warned them of the possibility of this happening). I believe the odds are against you.


Oh, btw this board is principally used by hosts (and guests users) to help each other, though every so often the moderators may refer your request 'upstairs'.


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