"Balcony" option for filtering

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"Balcony" option for filtering

Hello everyone,

When I travel, I love to stay in places that have a balcony or outdoor area. Strangely enough, it seems that despite a large array of filter options under the "amentities" panel, a check box for balcony is not included. It would make my search process so much easier if I could filter the results to only select properties with a balcony. Any way to suggest this to Airbnb?

Many thanks


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Just do a google search for the area you are looking for and include the word balcony or garden and airbnb.

Yes, Google search will give you a Google list of Airbnb hosts with a terrace, but then for each result you have to put in your dates, number of guests, etc. to even see if it is available. Using Google is not a valid answer, Airbnb should provide this filter.

Here is the filter for balcony or patio **

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We used booking.com back in 2013 to visit Italy and used that filter for every apt or hotel we booked. Why doesn't airbnb have it?? We only use airbnb and it's a real pain that they don't include that!

i agree. it's the filter feature i actually would use 

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This query was raised 18 months ago and still no balcony filter. Does anyone from Airbnb read these threads?

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sure did not read because there is no balcony filter

com certeza não leram, pois não há filtro para varanda

2020 and they still haven't read shyt apparently. Smh...

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Let's hope they do. I spend about two months a year travelling to different countries, using mostly airbnb, but it's frustrating having to rely on host photos to see whether the apartment has a balcony or terrace -- and that's only if they think to add one. But at least I can sleep at night knowing they have shampoo. (Kidding.)

The other feature filter they should add is "waterfront" or "waterview." Booking.com has all these kinds of things listed, as a poster above noted. If I don't quickly spot a view shot on an airbnb listing, I just go there instead.

So if Airbnb staff are reading this, you're losing business.

Absolutely, I'm spending an eternity scrolling through the properties because they don't have the balcony + seaview option. Also I wish it was possible to classifiy the results by number of positive ratings.

It's all just a waste of time. 

If you know what you want, with proper filters you'd get the job done in five minutes; rn it takes me days to find something that doesn't really match my needs

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i feel the same way. summer 2018 still no filter for this.  As an outdoor only smoker i'm prefering apartments with a balcony

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I totally agree!  It would save us travelers a lot of time. I spend hours searching through images of apartments to check if they have a balcony 🙁 its time Airbnb implements this!

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One more here, to say the same as all previous posters - I am nearly always looking to find apartments with a balcony/terrace and a view. I care much less about most of the other filters. I often use other accommodation apps/sites, like Booking and HotelSearch, because they allow fitering those places with balcony.  I also wish there would be ratings specifically for comfort of bed, as in many places this is literally all I am really using every day, yet sooooo many AirBnB places look okay, but have such BAD and uncomfortable beds! If nothing else, when you're travelling it's so important to be able to get a good sleep! This also goes for having a window, with natural light and preferably a view - some rooms don't have a window, so you sleep badly for that reason also. But, the balcony and window/view filter should be so easy to implement, why not do it??  

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It would be great too if there was a Stuning View option!