"Balcony" option for filtering

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"Balcony" option for filtering

Hello everyone,

When I travel, I love to stay in places that have a balcony or outdoor area. Strangely enough, it seems that despite a large array of filter options under the "amentities" panel, a check box for balcony is not included. It would make my search process so much easier if I could filter the results to only select properties with a balcony. Any way to suggest this to Airbnb?

Many thanks


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I guess it's time for me to make a quick chrome extension that adds the option on airbnb. It makes no sense why the UI doesn't have a balcony option when you can search for balconies through params? Maybe they tried it and figured out that it changed user/host behaviors detrimentally?

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@Daniel9873 as if they fine tuned anything to that degree. h a ha. H

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Now in 2022 this thread was started 6 years ago! And with 25,460 views on this thread Airbnb has still not added a simple feature that a lot of their customers would love. With as many new platforms there are two rent apartments or houses like VRBO and others it’s amazing that Airbnb doesn’t care enough to add a simple button but I am glad that I can search Airbnb‘s for toilet grab bars an iron and a crib (joking 😑). I am currently sifting through rentals for Puerto Rico (there’s a lot of rentals) doing the same thing most of you are doing trying to find a balcony and a view. Considering it’s been 6 years! I don’t think anything is going to change soon so I guess I will find another site to utilize. And if I find some thing on another website I will tell Airbnb that I chose another site because they don’t have the balcony option I suggest the rest of you do the same when they start getting bombarded with emails stating I was going to use Airbnb but now I’m not because there’s no balcony option then they might change something (maybe)

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Agree Gabriel - very annoying.


However you can search for balconies/patios - just do your  puerto rico search - in the map area you want, other filters added, etc.


then go to the url at that point and add the little bit of code from above  - just insert it - you'll see different options are broken up by the & symbol.


I think it works - it doesn't assure a view - but it does seem to find places with balcony/outdoor spaces at least.




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Thank you  for providing this piece of code!  I tried it, and it was a game-changer since a terrace/balcony is on the near top of my list of requirements for our upcoming trip to Rome.  

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As far as I can you can add &amenities%5B%5D=100 to your url. The's the param that their API is looking for to filter by garden/patio/balcony - the thing that shows up in listings as "Patio or Balcony". 


In other words, if you're searching for a place, your URL might look like 

https://www.airbnb.com/s/austin--usa/homes  [...long url...] max=300&room_types%5B%5D=Entire%20home%2Fapt&amenities%5B%5D=33&query=Austin%2C%20Texas  ...

Make sure that you add that amenities string in your URL so it looks like 
https://www.airbnb.com/s/austin--usa/homes [... long url...] max=300&room_types%5B%5D=Entire%20home%2Fapt&amenities%5B%5D=33&amenities%5B%5D=100&query=Austin%2C%20Texas 


Bold is just to highlight where that string above would go so it makes more sense. Hope this helps!

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Please @Airbnb  any chance there is an update on this?? it is clearly needed!!

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As of 2022, still not added.


What I really can't stand, is when the companies refuse to even give an answer as of why it's like this. @Airbnb   can you please give a reason why it's no filter for this? It's clearly needed.

Here is the filter for balcony or patio https://airbnbase.com/patio-balcony/

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Lille, France

Great! Thanks!

what a strange way to find a filter…

why not directly in the application?

That is bloody worthless all it does it show properties near you, what good is that when I'm in my home town searching for places in another country

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🤦‍ you can literally click on the "near you" button and amend it to the location you want.


If you're going to be rude to someone who's trying to be helpful, at least make sure you're right first 😂

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Montreal, Canada

This is very unfortunate that it has not been implemented, I mean sure we can browse and see the balcony for ourselves but having the filter would be a lot faster. Come on AirBNB you can do this 🙂

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Chisinau, Moldova

I hope this changes soon. It's a huge waste of time to check every listing. 

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Ghent, Belgium

So wait. Laptop-friendly environment, piano and fireplace are filters, but terrace and balcony aren't? Come on, Airbnb,  how difficult can this be. 🤔I need to actually look at the whole description and all pictures of a place because hosts fail to put it in their descriptions too...

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Yes still no balcony-terrace option on AIrbnb filters(unlike with Booking dot com or Tripadvisor etc and the only way to find an Airbnb rental with a balcony is to hope the host will mention it in the title description of his rental and that we can find it through Mozilla Firefox or Google.

There must be a reason to why Airbnb management keeps ignoring this request from tons of guests .Maybe because then guests must spend a lot of time on these ads reading the descriptions of the places so Airbnb can tell hosts that their rentals have been viewed by numerous people (when in reality people were just looking to see if they had a balcony, )lol.

I stayed at a rental in Vienna and the owner had listed her Vienna  flat on Airbnb and on Booking .Since we right away found her place using the Booking filter with Balcony we rented though Booking and not through Airbnb where we would have had to spend hours finding it.

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With Covid 19, not only is Airbnb losing $ to booking.com and other places that filter for outdoor space, they are not helping us travel, host and visit in a healthier way. Shame!!! 

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London, United Kingdom

Anyone from Airbnb care to share their thoughts as to why this is still missing?

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Levallois-Perret, FR

Agree 100% will all previous comments.

Currently planning a 3 days trip in Berlin and with more than 300 search results I can tell you that checking each single flat to know if there’s a balcony or not is really a mess.

Why Airbnb doesn’t react to this? It seems unbelievable that they ignore such thread and even direct messages, and that they don’t get that improving regularly the app is part of the game! 

Moreover I don’t think this option would be so complicate or costly to add... 

Very disappointing from them.




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This must be intentionally left out by AirBnB so you actually have to look at every **bleep** listing. Wicked.

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