Additional charges for cleaning, heating and A/C

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Additional charges for cleaning, heating and A/C

Hi hosts,

I am looking for your advice as to what the best way is to charge guests for additional fees.

The house I rent in Italy is a big old villa in the countryside so the heating expenses in the winter and A/C in the summer are enormous. Guests tend to leave both heating and A/C (depending on the season) always on at max power so I end up having to pay a large percentage of my earnings just to cover costs. 

Do you tend to include these in the listing price (thus increasing your price and paying booking fees and taxes on an amount which is actually a cost) or do you charge for them separately? I have tried to charge separately based on usage but received mixed feedback and guests do not like to have additional fees to pay when they leave (apart from cleaning fees which can be clearly detailed in the listing).

Thanks for your help!

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@Valentina32 we include all costs in the nightly rate. Having an unknown cost hanging over a guest seems wrong to me. Also your post suggests cleaning fees are collected separately - This is not allowed on Airbnb.

Thanks @Mike-And-Jane0 , appreciate the input!

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@Valentina32 I can remotely access my thermostat to set specific fixed high and low temperatures. It also enters Eco mode when there's no activity at home. Advising future guests about your conservation efforts in regulating the home temperature might foster better understanding.

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Hi @Valentina32!

We'd love to hear if you made any changes based on the advice you got here! 



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