Cleaners in West Seattle 98199

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Bothell, WA

Cleaners in West Seattle 98199

We are having a very hard time finding cleaners that are detailed and follow the cleaning checklist each time. We have anywhere from 4-20 cleanings a month. There are a variety of companies out there yet many charge way above our cleaning fee of $100- Willing to pay a bit more if its worth the service. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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Salem, OR

@Gigi211 I sent you a message.  I am local, a host since 2015, and clean professionally for the past 7 years.  

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Toronto, Canada

Hi @Gigi211 , did you get a chance to view @Autumn11 's comment? 


One of our Hosts had earlier shared a few recommendations on how to find cleaning services online. Did you give it a try to search for these services online? Did you get any leads?

It would be worth exploring online suggestions if these services are available in your region. 
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Hi @Autumn11 ,


Do you happen to provide cleaning services in the Seattle area?

Yes I do.  I sent u a private message, but I don't believe it goes to your normal inbox... I think you have to check those messages at the top of the screen where the little three lines are and then there's a click down menu

@Autumn11 I sent you a message on your phone. Please respond