Decisions: Double or Queen size Beds? Australian sizing

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Alexandra Headland, Australia

Decisions: Double or Queen size Beds? Australian sizing

Hi and thanx for any feedback,


We have 2 bed. unit with double beds. Are Queen size or double beds more popular?


Do you think it changes the searches and requests etc?


Cheers Mandy  🙂

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New York, NY

@Mandy29 I have 2 units with queen beds and one with a double. The only reason one has a double is that was the best fit for the bedroom. I do equally well with all units, but I can most certainly say a queen is the way to go. Some people do search by bed size. I feel as if many americans prefer a queen, while many europeans seem to be fine with it.



But then again it all depends if everything is good curently why change it? Or are things slow?

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Washington, DC

I don't think bed size is a significant factor in booking.  Unless a person is far off the normal size for your area, they bed size shouldn't really affect how they search.  I have one listing with a twin and another with a queen and offer air matresses if the guests want to bring extra people or kids, etc.  I think the only people I think that would search based on bedsize would be rather large.  My cousin weighs over 400 lbs, so he actually needs a king sized bed. My aunt and uncle are a bit on the large side as well, but they also always use hotels.  


If you had 2 separate double beds vs 1 queen bed, that would be something to consider based on your business model.  If you're charging fees for extra people, or have only one bathroom, etc then you might do well consider those extra factors.  Having a bunch of guests who are unhappy is worse than having one who is content.  In fact, the most people in a booking the more complicated it is to keep them all happy and the less likely you are to hear about any issues before they leave and write their review.  You can message me if you have any questions. 

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I'm 6' 4", tall but not extraordinary. I will only book places that have a queen bed or larger. My feet hang off the end of a double.

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Rochester, WA

Yes, bed size is one of the factors that Guests search for.  If you can, your bed size should at least be a Queen.  The bed is one of the most important elements of the visits, besides the amenities.

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Mount Barker, Australia

@Mandy29  @James1  @Ephraim0......I personally like to think the bed is the 'hero' of the accommodation, not just a part of it. A great nights sleep will guarantee you a good review even if other things were found lacking! There is no way you will receive a good review if the guest has rolled around all night on an uncomfortable piece of rubbish that just sits in the spare room that they had to 'shoe-horn' themselves into!!

The best bed I ever slept on was on a Holland America Line cruise ship (Noordam)....that bed was like sleeping on a cloud and I have never forgotten that comfort. When I decided to host I was determined to emulate that bed and I had a queen bed especially made. It's an electric bed with tilting head and foot sections, 3 massage motors, a really good posture care mattress which was especially made 8 ft 4inch long to match the base. An 8ft basketball player could sleep in this bed without touching the bottom of it. I have 5 complete especially made bed linen sets comprising Duve’s/Doona's from Goose down to acrylic fibre for differing seasons, sheet and pillow sets......... and I absolutely guarantee the best nights sleep anyone will get in rental accommodation! And although you can't see my reviews anymore, they all reinforce this.

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Airbnb accounts for less than 50% of my hosting business, and although this listing is tucked away in an out of the way location I am still as heavily booked as I want to be.....and the bed is one of the main reasons for that!


It is worth going that little bit extra on a really good bed, and if you have the room, make it a Queen...more and more people expect a queen these days....cheers.....Rob

@Robin4, I'm sure you got your money back and then some? I'd assume that's a lot of upfront money that you have to spend just for the bed. I'd love to come and experience your bed someday...hopefully 🙂

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Mount Barker, Australia

@Emily128....Hi Emily, yeah, as I said we are in a lovely hills wine region but its not in a heavy tourist area, and hosts in this area maybe get a guest or maybe three a month whereas I seem to average four to five. There are some months that we are fully booked with only a handful of nights free, and that is possibly because I try to go overboard and provide really comfortable, homely surroundings.


My mother (long gone) was a beautiful woman, but did not see herself as such, and systematically destroyed every photo she could find of herself. I have the only two adult photos that remained of her, and one of them hangs in the cottage.


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There are many mementos in that space and they all go to make a warm welcoming environment and I truly believe this helps our bookings.

The bed cost is relevant I guess but, of our 64 bookings, just 3 of the more major ones paid for that bed.

Emily, it is worth it...cheers.....Rob