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    A guest checked out five days ago, leaving a BO smelling room and blood smeared sheets. He had an (unauthorised) guest, and I assumed these factors were related to that. The blood (not photographed) came out easily enough, and I aired out the bedding and ... Latest reply by Bob-Or-Diane0
    Thank you @Lizzie for inviting me to share my experience with hosting. It is Day 27 of our celebration month. Reading from the previous posts of other hosts who participated, I have learnt a lot from the experiences and pieces of advice shared in this for... Latest reply by Branka-and-Silvia0
    We've got a town centre listing with no onsite parking. Plenty of free parking in the streets around and very cheap car parks (£2/ day). But, I'm wondering if it immediately puts people off coming to stay. All but 2 of our guests in over a year have com... Latest reply by Ben205