Continuing the dialogue: Recapping our second global Host Q&A

Continuing the dialogue: Recapping our second global Host Q&A



Last year when CEO and Head of Community Brian Chesky was thinking of new ways to connect with hosts, he decided that several times a year he’d field top-voted host questions in a livestreamed Q&A session.


After receiving an overwhelming 11,579 questions for the inaugural Host Q&A last November, a lot has happened. In February, we had the biggest launch in our ten-year history, and naturally, hosts had a ton of questions about how these new updates will affect how they host. So we reconvened for the second Host Q&A event a few days later, and this time Brian and London-based Superhost Rebecca addressed questions focused on the recent launch.


Click each question to watch Brian’s answer or read a short summary below.


1. What are the benefits of the new Superhost program? Can you give more details?

Summary: In addition to the existing Superhost benefits (Superhost filter on search, profile badge, early access to products, $100 travel voucher, faster support, invitations to launch events, and more exposure and visibility), we’ll be rolling out additional benefits throughout the rest of 2018 like custom URLs for your listings, access to tax preparation support for U.S. hosts, and more. To learn about all of the new benefits in detail, visit


2. Is it harder to become a Superhost now?

Summary: While it is slightly harder to become a Superhost, what’s making it harder is a very minor change. Beginning in July, we’re requiring an overall rating of 4.8 instead of 80% five-star reviews to become a Superhost so that the requirements for the Superhost program are consistent with Plus, Collections, and more.


3. What’s the difference between Airbnb Plus and Superhost?

Summary: Superhosts are hosts who have been recognized for providing great hospitality. Airbnb Plus also recognizes great hospitality and on top of that, Plus features homes that pass a 100-point, in-person inspection that verify the listing for quality and comfort.


4. How do I qualify for Airbnb Plus?

Summary: To qualify for Airbnb Plus, you must have a 4.8 rating, 95% acceptance rate, and no cancellations in the past year. Additionally, Plus hosts must pass a 100-point inspection to ensure your listing is comfortable, cohesive, and thoughtfully designed. Learn more about Plus by visiting


5. Why is there a fee to apply to Plus?

Summary: The one-time, non-refundable fee of $149 is intended to help cover the cost of your in-person home visit and personalized home report. Additionally, we’re investing in hosts that complete the verification process and join Airbnb Plus by providing professional photography, editorial tips on how to best describe their listing, and access to premium customer support.


6. How do I make sure my listing is categorized correctly?

Summary: To make sure your listing is categorized correctly, visit to update your listing information.


7. Can we suggest categories?

Summary: Yes, we’d love to hear your suggestions for new categories. Submit your ideas by going to


8. How do you determine who’s included in a Collection?

Summary: Being included in a Collection is based of off certain criteria specific to that particular Collection. Often, you can automatically be included in a Collection. For example, if you have a 4.8 overall rating, five-star reviews from families, Wifi, TV, an entire home with a full kitchen, and house rules suitable for children, you’ll be placed in the Family Collection.


9. Can I be part of multiple Collections?

Summary: Yes, Collections are not mutually exclusive and you can be part of many different Collections if you meet the requirements.  


10. Can Airbnb separate personal home listings from professionally managed listings?

Summary: Professionally managed listings is a wide spectrum that often includes people hosting in their personal homes. Categorization is designed to make sure guests can find what is unique about your home. We are continually evolving categorization so we can ensure your home shows up for guests looking for a place like yours.


11. How will we know if guests are Superguests? Will we see any additional information about them?

Summary: Superguests will receive a badge on their profile and they’ll also be sharing additional information on their profile about who they are.


12. Airbnb is constantly pushing me to lower my price. Why?

Summary: While we know that you can set the price of your listing better than anyone, we also have hundreds of millions of data points to help guide your pricing. Our suggestions, are just that—suggestions. It’s our goal to help you earn as much income as possible by hosting, not less.


13. What are you doing to help better manage guests’ expectations before they book my listing?

Summary: By launching categories, we’re working towards matching you with guests that are looking for the type of amenities your home offers and better surfacing these amenities in search. The better job we do matching, the better we can help manage those expectations.  


Onward and upward


After the first Host Q&A we started to think—what’re we going to do with all of the other questions that Brian didn’t get a chance to answer? Well, you’ll notice in this month’s Host News newsletter that we recently launched Airbnb Answers to help address more of your questions.


Even though we won’t be able to get to each and every one of your questions, please do know that your questions and feedback are being routed to the correct team to ensure your voice is heard.  


See you next time!

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Level 3
Chepstow, United Kingdom

We are quite happy to recieve late bookings up to midnight. But clearly this involves extra work. Would it be poddible for Airbnb to modify the price options so bookings after 10pm have an optional percentage to be added - I think this would also encourage hosts to accept late bookings.

Level 1
Marvell, AR

I would like to see Airbnb add the option for Guest to Name their Price like Priceline.

Level 2
Tampa, FL

Superguests? I love it!

I would like to have the option  to charge a cleaning fee based on the number of guest

Level 2
West Hollywood, CA

Simple thing I'd like is that when I say something to a guest through Airbnb email and the guest answers, please repeat what I said that they are responding to.

Level 6
British Columbia, Canada

We still need to see "Location" removed from the rating system. We very clearly tell guests where our Airbnb is and yet they can rate us based on location. This is the only place we ever lose points and it is completely unfair. Everything else is 5/5.

Level 2
Longmont, CO

It would be extremely helpful if when I got a message from a guest or notification of payment, it stated clearly which or our four properties it is regarding!

Level 2
Phelps, WI

I'd like to have Airbnb be able to add our local room tax to their collection process.  It is a burden to have to request this additional tax amount that is due from the guest.  Airbnb should be able to just add that like they already calculate and collect state and county taxes.


Level 2
Chico, CA

I think that multiple Airbnb rental options should  have separate ratings instead of combining them

Level 2
Charlotte, NC

When will AirBnb Plus be available in most of the countries? I am asking for Bulgaria.


Former Community Manager
Former Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

Hello @Emil9,


I've recently shared some more information regarding Airbnb Plus which you might find useful. I don't have any specifics about Bulgaria, but we will be gradually increasing the number of places it is available and you hosts will be notified when it is available in your area.








Thank you for the last 7 years, find out more in my Personal Update.

Looking to contact our Support Team, for details...take a look at the Community Help Guides.

Level 1
Nelson, New Zealand

Hi  Air BNB plus for New Zealand please would be wonderful


Cheers Cherie 

Former Community Manager
Former Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

Hello @Deb124@Adrienne59@Cherie41@Tim-and-Azar0@Armando81@Laura932@Sheila192@Emil9@Suzanne67@Niki-and-Colin0@Pam-and-Kai0


For those of you who I haven't met before, it is lovely to meet you and a warm welcome to the Community Center. It is fantastic to see you have lots of questions you would like to ask, there are some great ones here.


I would ask you though to hold on to those tightly for the next Global Host Q&A, which is due to be held in a few months time. Once I have more information to share on this and how to submit your questions, I will let you know. 


Thanks again and I hope you enjoy exploring the Community Center. 🙂






Thank you for the last 7 years, find out more in my Personal Update.

Looking to contact our Support Team, for details...take a look at the Community Help Guides.

Level 2
Chicago, IL

We are in a summer vacation community with a very short rental period limited to 4 one week rentals by township ordinance.  AirBnB to my understanding has a cancellation policy that differs from one that we implement through other listing sites. If a guest cancels 7 days prior to checkin, we would not be able to host a new guest because all bookings are set up 3-8 months in advance.  The first time an AirBnB guest cancels with our listing, I will cancel the AirBnB listing because AirBnB does not allow hosts to set their own cancellation policies. I am informed that many guests book multiple locations looking for the best deal and the cancel thise others to secure their best deal.  In our situation as described, this would be tremendous loss of income for us given the restrictions of the township ordinances.  The policy we normally apply is NO cancellation policy/refund because of what is described as multiple bookings by guests.  Seems harsh but apparently a response by other vacation sites and management companies that have had enough with such guest conduct.  I hope AirBnB execs are reading this because the first time a guest cancels and we are unable to book a new guest for that time period, we will cancel the AirBnB listing.  AirBnB should allow hosts to set THEIR policies, not a general AirBnB policy because all rental situations are not the same, specifically with the changing governmental/township restrictions that are being implemented apparently all over the world including our township.

Level 2
Woodstock, VT

How are we as hosts covered by insurance ? My State Farm policy does not cover me,yet Arbnb says I am covered to a million. Will State Farm cancel me if they know I have a room for rent? What if there is a big problem,who will help me?

Level 2
Earleville, MD

I would like to set an age limitation on guests because of prior experiences with couples under the age of 25 that act innaproperately. They gave had fights, set off my fire alarm because they burned things on the stove, been loud after 10 and generally ignored our rules. Thoughts?

Level 2
Houston, TX

I had guests that were disrespectful of the property and me and I couldn’t send a bad report on them because they would not send a review on me.

Level 2
Indianola, WA

We would love to see "sauna" added to the amenities list.  We don't have a pool (this IS Washington State!) or a spa, but we do have a lovely Finnish sauna that our guests love.  One couple came from Canada because they saw the sauna in our pictures.

Level 3
Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, CR

I would like to know how I can protect myself from an unfair review. When I get notice that a guest has made a review and I can respond, I cannot see at the same time the star rating they did on each point. that gives me little options to respond accordingly. Also, as a super host with regularly high ratings , and then suddenly in between a low one, Airbnb should check out what really is going on. I had the other day an experience like that and wanted to get help from Airbnb about it to check this out since the people did not even stay at my place and still were giving me a review which sounded at first sight even nice, but the star ratings were completely down which lowered my over-all rating considerably. The review was completely unreasonable since the guests apparently had not read the description at all. How, especially as a super host, can I protect myself from that?

Level 2
Birmingham, AL

Amen! It is unrealistic to believe every guest is a great person or that they even understand what they are booking with an Airbnb. There should be someone how looks into the “out of nowhere” negative reviews to determine if they are even valid. 

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