Explore the upgrades in the Airbnb 2023 Winter Release

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Explore the upgrades in the Airbnb 2023 Winter Release

Today, we’re introducing upgrades for Hosts as part of the Airbnb 2023 Winter Release. This includes the Listings tab, a set of new tools that let you easily manage your listing and showcase the details of your home. 


The key features of the new Listings tab are the redesigned listing editor, AI-powered photo tour, and smart lock integration. Play this video for a demo from CEO Brian Chesky.



Beyond the Listings tab, the 2023 Winter Release includes even more upgrades for Hosts:


  • New earnings dashboard: A redesigned dashboard gives you a clear view of your earnings in one place. You’ll find a detailed breakdown of past and future payouts, customizable reports, filters, and search. 
  • Updated Co-Host tools: We’ve added two new ways to share your cleaning fee payout with your cleaner or Co-Host. Plus, you can now message Co-Hosts right from your inbox on Airbnb to coordinate upcoming reservations.


For guests, there are new ways to find great stays. Guest Favorites are some of the most-loved homes on Airbnb, according to guests. And we’ve redesigned the ratings page, adding new features to help guests understand the quality of every home.


You can opt in to Early Access to start using these upgrades or wait for them to roll out to all Hosts in the coming months. Learn how Early Access works and how to share feedback


Which feature are you most excited about?


Learn more about the 2023 Winter Release:

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Level 10
McHenry, IL

Hi  Jennifer2672,

In reading your issue #2 I laugh as I sent a note to AirBnB tech support that under office it has amenities of Arcade games, baby bath, backyard, BBG grill, just to name a few, even bed linens but nothing for a bed or sofa, even a  boat slip is listed. 

Maybe as I am quite ill I could not help but laugh. The same amenities are listed for Exterior? though on others rooms it seems complete.

My answer would be yes, they are still working out a lot of glitches.

i would think they would give the us the ability to add a sofa bed or what ever to any room we choose. Across this whole world there are so many variances to how we utilize are rooms.

It will be interesting to see the work about.

Best wishes.


Just wanted to say the new earnings dashboard where you can create reports is 100% better. Love that you can see the listings pictures with the reports and they got rid of all the old listings titles that were there. as well being able to custom the reports easily. 

Community Manager
Community Manager
Port Moody, Canada

Hello @Desmond28, thank you for sharing your feedback with us 😊. Please keep us updated on how you find the other features!


Best regards,



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I do not like that you removed Superhost as a filter option. I don't care, at all, about guest favorites. What I care about is finding a property with a host who has exceptional experience and well more (!) than five reviews. I read the reviews for properties I am considering. Please put that back as an option. That is a big change to make. 

Level 1
Davenport, FL

I honestly think that some of the new features are terrible. Specifically, the "guest favorite" one.  I've been a Superhost for three years and suddenly it is more important to be a guest favorite instead. The Superhost label seems to be hidden now and has been delegated to small letters in a remote space of my profile. I believe that it is much more important to highlight those hosts that have been consistent in the quality of their service for a longer time. Placing a generic label and at the same level on any new host or property in the system that has only a few positives reviews is not correct. Those hosts who have long been awarded after quarterly reviews have lost space and are at a disadvantage with this new system. This is not a speculative statement; I have seen it directly reflected in my number of reservations. I don't understand the underlying reason for this new way of "highlighting" the hosts (or properties) and I don't see any positive effect on my performance. I have not asked to be a favorite guest, when my Superhost badge already indicated to guests about the quality of service at my property, evaluated with the correct parameters in a well-established period of time.

Level 2
Libertyville, IL

Thanks for opening this conversation! I have a few questions about the new Winter release platform and early access features. I am a new host putting a lot of work into getting my site up and running. Leading up to the introduction of the new platform I had seen a rush of bookings and inquiries, and averaged 30/views a day. Since the introduction of the new platform I have received no bookings at all, and my views have dropped to 10/day. I had educated myself about the early access listings tab, and had taken advantage of the early access features the day they were released, and rework my listing regularly in light of those features. I also reach out to my mentor, am active on the community board, and put daily time into updating my site and reading hosting resources. When I search for my site as a guest on Airbnb I can't even find it anymore. I'm feeling somewhat disadvantaged as a new host. I'm concerned. What is your advice concerning the apparently dramatic shift in my bookings and listing views after the introduction of the new platform? Thanks for your time and care!


since these new updates I have had less bookings why?  I have been with Airbnb for 7 years and been a 'super host' for at least 6 years, my bookings have plummeted too.  I did call up customer services but they were unable to help.   Don't feel like a valued super host right now

I have checked my listings everything is up to date and but i do not have the rate of enquiries or bookings that I would normally have.  this has been like this for a few months now.  I  have dropped the prices, that hasn't worked I use smart prices but it keeps putting the rate at a much higher price than I would usually price my lists at.  Would appreciate some help from an Airbnb person / community manager.    Please can  I get some help from you?  

Also how do i join host group in my area if I am not on Facebook??

Also I noticed on this community board it shows me as only being a member for 2 years why is that?


Look forward to hearing from you


Level 8
Mumbai, India

We love the new 'Guest Favourite'  feature! 


But, we think the constant changes to the app seem to be creating some technical issues. 

Level 2
Portland, OR

Not a single one of these new features show when I go to edit my listings.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hi @Scott219 ! Did you enroll to the early access of the 2023 Winter Release?


If not, Early Access to the new tools ends January 26, 2024, when they become the standard features available to most Hosts.




Please follow the Community Guidelines

Level 2
Williamsburg, VA

But this new dashboard doesn't allow me to find my gross earnings, which I need to pay my county taxes each month.  I can only find paid out earnings.  Where has the gross earnings tab gone??