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    (Last updated 3 May, 2023) It is important to know that the Community Center is part of the Airbnb platform and Airbnb’s Terms of Service , Privacy Policy and Community Policies, including the Non Discrimination Policy apply to your use of the Communit...
    Airbnb fosters connection and belonging by embracing inclusion and respect regardless of a person's background or identity. As members of the Airbnb community, these are values that we all have a responsibility to uphold and protect. To foster a space ...
    We believe in a world where anyone can belong anywhere. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that Airbnb is now available in 31 new languages. From Albanian to Zulu, we’re taking further steps to help everyone feel welcome on Airbnb, no matter what ... Latest reply by Sanne514
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    This week, tens of thousands of United Automobile Worker (UAW) members are going without paychecks. We know that some of you in our host community are included in that group, and we want to help. Starting today, we’re offering all striking UAW members w... Latest reply by Susan17
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