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    (Last updated 3 May, 2023) It is important to know that the Community Center is part of the Airbnb platform and Airbnb’s Terms of Service , Privacy Policy and Community Policies, including the Non Discrimination Policy apply to your use of the Communit...
    Airbnb fosters connection and belonging by embracing inclusion and respect regardless of a person's background or identity. As members of the Airbnb community, these are values that we all have a responsibility to uphold and protect. To foster a space ...
    Hello everyone, As the world grapples with issues of climate change, pollution, and other environmental challenges, the need for sustainability has never been more important. One way of promoting sustainability is by bringing people together to celeb... Latest reply by Today5
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    Four days after Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, Airbnb.org announced it would help 100,000 people fleeing Ukraine find temporary housing. Tens of thousands of you answered the global call to action by offering your space or donating funds. Forty...
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    We’re back with another Spotlight on one of the members of the Host Advisory Board, and this time we’re featuring @Samuel604. Fun facts about Sam: Sam is a hard-working educator, teaching high school students in Philadelphia.Sam has had a varied c... Latest reply by Samuel604
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    Hi there, As we celebrate Women’s History Month in the US, UK and Australia, I want to honor and thank our millions of women Hosts from around the world. I also want to share with you some really hopeful, optimistic and exciting news about our wome... Latest reply by Ann72
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    Hey everyone, After spending some time away from hosting, some of you have started welcoming guests back into your listings again. As members of the CC share their recent experiences, we’ve all been engaging in some pretty enlightening and interes... Latest reply by Kevin1322
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