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    (Last updated 3 May, 2023) It is important to know that the Community Center is part of the Airbnb platform and Airbnb’s Terms of Service , Privacy Policy and Community Policies, including the Non Discrimination Policy apply to your use of the Communit...
    Airbnb fosters connection and belonging by embracing inclusion and respect regardless of a person's background or identity. As members of the Airbnb community, these are values that we all have a responsibility to uphold and protect. To foster a space ...
    Hello everyone, To continue offering the best experience for our members, we’ve recently updated the Community Center platform. Whilst everything has been completed as expected, there have been reports of some minor bugs, but don’t worry, the platfor... Latest reply by Quincy
    Hello everyone, We're thrilled to share some recent updates to enhance your experience on the Community Center. We have revamped our navigation bars! We've added them to make essential features more visible and easily accessible. Now, you can naviga... Latest reply by John5097
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    Guests rely on ratings and reviews to understand the quality of a home before they book. But guests have told us that it’s been too hard to find reviews that are relevant to them. That’s why we’ve redesigned the ratings page and added three new featu... Latest reply by Laurelle3