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    A Host’s calendar is one of the most frequently used parts of the Airbnb app. We’re rolling out two upgrades to make it easier to manage yours on mobile: swipe to select multiple dates and a yearly view that’s similar to what’s available on desktop. ... Latest reply by Andreea125
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    Now you can adjust your prices, change your availability, and review any discounts or promotions you’ve set in one place: a new pricing tab on your hosting calendar. No matter which tool you use, we’ll show you how the pricing changes you make affe... Latest reply by Vane2
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    Airbnb began as an affordable way for travelers to stay in someone else’s home. With the pandemic behind us, more people are looking for opportunities to spend time with their Hosts and explore new places like a local. That’s why we’re introducing Airb... Latest reply by Christine615
    For the first time on Airbnb, you can compare your listing to similar listings nearby. A new map gives you instant access to the average prices of listings like yours. It lets you display either booked or unbooked listings for the dates you select. Y... Latest reply by Bhumika
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    Hi everyone, We are thrilled to announce that we have just opened a brand new Guides Board specifically for the Community Center Many of you have told us that you missed this board. This space is where you can find Host-created guides on optimising ...
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    With significant snowfall in many areas, it’s important to make sure a home’s natural gas meter remains free of snow and ice. Ice and snow can damage the meter or service connections, potentially resulting in a gas leak. Here are tips to prevent a d... Latest reply by Deb216
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    Hello everyone, As the world grapples with issues of climate change, pollution, and other environmental challenges, the need for sustainability has never been more important. One way of promoting sustainability is by bringing people together to celeb... Latest reply by Today5
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