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Hosts gave us a lot of feedback in the past year, whether you discussed topics here in the Community Center, commented through our submission form, or participated in one of over 50 listening sessions worldwide. We listened, and then we went to work....
Hi everyone, It’s my honour to announce a new dedicated space for Airbnb.org within our Community Centre. We’ve seen many of our wonderful Community Centre members, both Hosts and guests from all over the world, come together to discuss what they c... Latest reply by Alice638
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Hey everyone, I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but apparently the past two years have been kind of rough. Newspapers have been flooded with negative headlines and pessimistic predictions, leaving people’s mental health with not much of a chance. Amid... Latest reply by Ginger3
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Hello everyone, I’m sure some of you know the cat in the photo above . My significant other and I have been thinking of adopting a pet for quite some time. We have been looking around for a while, but we weren’t sure whether to look for a dog or ... Latest reply by Huma0
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Following last year's tradition (probably not a tradition just yet, but let's just go with it) of writing about Christmas films, I thought we'd turn up the volume this time around and focus on Christmas songs. Every year for a few weeks during winter... Latest reply by Jennie131
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One year ago, Airbnb.org publicly launched as an independent nonprofit, building on the work of the Open Homes and Frontline stays programs. Today, we’d like to thank you for your ongoing partnership—and give a special shout out to the 6,000 Hosts who ... Latest reply by Leslie0
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